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How To Groom a Long-Haired Old Dog

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Does your old dog seem like she doesn’t like to go to the groomer? Or, if you groom her at home, does she wince or snap at you while you brush her hair?  You might be surprised to learn that grooming can be very painful for old dogs; especially those breeds with long hair.   Old Dog Care Guide explains why and offers tips on how to groom a long-haired old dog.

Grooming isn’t favored among old dogs; even those who are perfectly fine with it when they’re younger. There are many reasons for this, but one of the reasons is that their skin is thinner and therefore more tender. So when grooming an old dog with long hair you have to be sensitive to how hard you are pulling on the hair. Thinner skin is more susceptible to bruising, scratching and even allowing bacteria into your pooch.

The other possibility is that your old man has some bed sores. Bed sores are caused from laying too long in one spot. With a golden, or any dog with a long coat, the hair often hides the sores, and even worse, will stick to one of these sore. When you hit those sores with a brush or a comb, it’s really painful for your pooch. Then he starts associating the brush with the pain and this causes anxiety in future grooming sessions.

So use a wide tooth comb or brush and start at the tips of the hair and work your way toward the skin. Don’t just take the brush and run the length of the old dog’s body. Groom very small areas at a time, looking for sore spots, bed sores and irritated skin. If you find bed sores contact the vet for a topical ointment that will soothe the old fellow and keep the area from getting infected.”

If you want to use a professional groomer be sure to ask them several questions to determine if they know how to groom a long-haired old dog.  If they groom old dogs the same way they groom younger dogs, then move on to another groomer. Check out Old Dog Care Guide for more on grooming old dogs.  Do you have a long-haired old dog that you groom at home?  What tips have you discovered to make this a more pleasant experience for your old pooch? Please share your experience below.

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