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How to pick your perfect companion dog

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Are you thinking of adding a dog to your life? This is a great idea, and one you will not regret, but how in the world do you know what breed is going to be your perfect companion dog? With over 150 different breeds to select from, as well as all the dogs in shelters who need a good home, making this selection can be a bit overwhelming. Maybe the following ideas will help you narrow down your choices.

Your perfect companion dog

A important question you need to answer if you want to find your perfect companion dog is do you want the responsibility of raising a puppy to adulthood, or would an adult dog from a rescue shelter be a better fit for your life style? If possible, I think bringing home a dog from the local animal shelter is a great idea for many people. You will be giving a loving home to a dog who has been abandoned, and he or she will give you their undying love and devotion. An added plus is adult dogs from shelters are usually already house trained, so you will not have to go through the normal potty training if you opt for a puppy.

Now let’s look at your perfect companion dog from a size point of view. Is your home or apartment best suited to a small or large dog? I have known people who live in small homes with dogs large enough to strap a saddle on and ride. Not a good idea for most people. Choose a dog that fits your living arrangements. Small dogs will naturally be a great fit for small homes as well as large homes.

How about the personality of the dog you want? Yes, each breed has their own natural traits such as being very aggressive and stubborn, to laid back and easy going. If you like a challenge and know how to train a dog, then one of the more aggressive breeds may be the best choice. On the flip side if you are not well versed in advanced obedience training a calmer, easy going breed should be the best fit for you. All dogs are going to need socialization training and basic obedience training. It comes down to how much time you have for training, your knowledge in training, and how intense you want your relationship with the dog to be.

The point is emphasized in this DogTime.com article:

The truth is every breed produces dogs that go against type, and any mixed breed dog can possess the qualities people look for in purebreds. In other words, a dog’s personality trumps pedigree every time.

To help you make your choice, click on the above article – it has a “breed selector” that will suggest breeds that may fit your desires and lifestyle.

If you take time finding your perfect companion dog, your family can look forward to many years of wonderful fun with their new companion.

How do you decide what dog to buy? Please leave comments and advice below.

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  1. I agree with the focus of the article. I do wish to note the giant breeds can be great apartment companions. Example, English Mastiff.

  2. So, so true…people, just go into your local shelter….you won’t believe how many purebreeds, mixed breeds are there, just waiting for a home.


  3. Avatar Of H. Jack Crowe Jr.

    H. Jack Crowe Jr.


    Be very careful not to become a Victim of “Breed MalInformation” that leads to “Breed Prejudgice. For example the Pitbull. The Pitbull breed had been Media “Tried” and Judged as Vicious and Dangerous. In my 6+ Decades of life I have been the happy Companion of two of these fine canines! Bpth of these lived to a fine old age. Both were wonderful companions! Naturally social and most loving and patient with children. The only agression either demonstrated was if a danger to a companion or a near-by child was sensed. the only problem encountered with either was; the dog had to be removed and confined before a parent could disipline a child safely. Yes, Pitbulls can be quite protective. My experience with Pitbulls have convinced me that they must be taught to “BE MEAN! Pit Bulls are easy to train and try hard to please. It would not take much effort to train a Pitbull to be mean, snd to ge Very Good at Being MEAN!!

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