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How to Raise a Puppy: The Complete Guide

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Virtually every day I help new puppy owners navigate the rough waters of puppyhood.  Anytime someone asks me if they should get a puppy, what they should expect when having a puppy, or anything about puppies in general, I always tell them “Puppies can be great, but they are A LOT of work.”

Puppies are more work than most people think.  In this day and age, everyone is pulled in 100 different directions.  Between work, social lives, children’s athletics, school, and countless other distractions, most people are not capable of providing the time and energy a puppy demands.  

Puppies require ample attention.  So much so, that it will become a part-time job for you.  For this reason, I encourage prospective owners to adopt a dog who is 1+ years old from their local animal shelter or rescue group.  Dogs of this age are through the housebreaking and puppy biting stage, and you can better assess the dog’s temperament and energy level in order to see how it matches your family’s lifestyle.  You can read my articles on Choosing the Right Dog for You and Adopting From a Breed Specific Rescue.

However, if you think a puppy is right for you, I want to provide you with this simple, clear, and effective guide on how to raise a puppy.  Below are videos on crate training, housebreaking, puppy biting, proper puppy socialization, and direct links to more in-depth articles on these subjects.  Don’t delay in your training, use this info to get started today!   

When to Start Puppy Training?

Full article on When to Start Puppy Training

Puppy Socialization

Find the complete Puppy Socialization Checklist HERE

Choosing the Right Size Crate

Crate Training

Complete article on Proper Crate Training

Should I Correct When My Puppy Has an Accident?

Follow link for my complete Housebreaking protocol and more common questions answered HERE

How to Stop Puppy Biting

Click HERE for my in-depth Puppy biting Article

Steve Reid is a Professional Dog Trainer and owner of S.R. Dog Training in Westchester, NY.  For more information about S. R. Dog Training, visit: Please also become a fan of Steve on Facebook at

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