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How to Teach Your Dog to Play Frisbee


Playing cool games such as Frisbee is one of the many great things about having a dog. While some dogs take naturally to playing with the popular flying disk, others need to learn how the game works…

Although many owners think that teaching their dog how to play Frisbee is quite complicated, more people would claim that the trick is simply getting your pet to understand that you want him to catch it and bring it back to you. Try to toss a few flying discs and you will see what your dog does naturally.

Some Easy Steps to Follow

1. In teaching your dog how to play Frisbee, you should begin by introducing to him the new toy. Some dogs are immediately enticed merely by the sight of a new toy, or waving it temptingly. Others need extra incentives to be interested with it.

You can associate the flying disc with a desirable consequence by handing him out a treat simply for touching it. You can also put the treat in the disc or some peanut butter on its edges. Now, if the dog still does not get the message, try to use the Frisbee as a food bowl, and let him eat out of it.

In order to intensify the dog’s desire to have the disc to himself, play a game of tug-of-war with him for a couple of days. Just make sure that you give him a treat or praise for playing with the toy.

2. After this, introduce to him the give command. Teach him this trick by giving him the disc, holding a treat, and saying “give”. Take the disc and give your pet a treat. Give the disc back, and repeat the step. If your dog does not give the disc up, do not hand him the treat, and let go of the Frisbee.

This cannot bear resemblance to the game of tug-of-war. When the dog gives up the toy with no hesitation, you move on to the following step.

3. For this step, take your dog outdoors and have him sit. Toss him the flying disc from very close, and greatly praise him for catching it. Have the dog come to you, and then hand out a treat for giving the disc. Make sure to give him a treat ONLY when he returns the Frisbee.

Until these drills become a game, the treat will become the reward for giving up the toy, and this is how the dog will learn to bring the disc back to you just so to be thrown once more.

4. Finally, you as the trainer have to increase the distance from which you throw the disc; waiting to throw it even father until your dog consistently catches it with his mouth.

Not only is it fun for your dog to play Frisbee, it’s amazing exercise for him!

Once you’ve mastered the steps above, perhaps you can try adding in a few tricks, like these awesome Frisbee dogs!




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