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How to Nourish Your Dog & Save Our Wetlands at the Same Time!

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Nutria, a semi-aquatic mammal native to South America, have been a pest in coastal areas of North America for more than 2 decades. The rodents, similar in size to a small beaver, are directly responsible for the destruction of over 100,000 acres of coastal wetlands and impact native species such as otter, muskrat, beaver, birds, crustaceans, and fish—all of whom rely on wetland habitat. In Louisiana alone, wetlands are destroyed at a rate of about one football field every 45 minutes!

Besides destroying the roots that hold our marshes in place, nutria also compete for habitat and food with native mammals like muskrat, beaver, and otter; destroy crops like sugar cane and rice; and compromise levees, dikes, roads, and banks by burrowing.

So, one Louisiana dog treat manufacturer – Marsh Dog – found a solution. They harvest the pest as a delicious and healthy treat for pets!

Marsh Dog Treats are made predominately from nutria hunted and trapped in the state’s coastal areas. Trappers there are able to participate in the state’s Coastwide Nutria Control Program, which pays trappers $5 per nutria for each tail they bring out of the marsh. The program is federally funded and managed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

According to the Marsh Dog website,

  1. Nutria meat has more protein and less fat than chicken or turkey.
  2. Nutria only eat fresh marsh vegetation and occasionally crops like sugar cane. This is the reason Nutria are a serious problem but it’s also why the quality of meat is so excellent.
  3. Nutria contain no artificial hormones. (There are six different kinds of steroid hormones that are currently approved by FDA for use in sheep and cattle—the two primary proteins used in dog food.)
  4. Nutria meat is natural a bright red color. (Processed meats often contain sodium nitrite used as a preservative and to color products red so they “appear” fresh. A diet high in sodium nitrites may lead to a health condition that inhibits red blood cells from transporting oxygen throughout the body.  (American Medical Association)
  5. Dogs love the fresh, wild taste.

The Marsh Dog treats are available in three varieties – brown rice & sweet potato, grain-free cranberry, and blueberry. All are sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA. Best of all, they provide delicious nutrients to your dog while helping to save our wetlands.

The dog treats are available at pet food retailers around Louisiana or online at Marshdog.com.

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  3. Avatar Of Mj Knighton Mj Knighton says:

    Just a while back, my 15 year old Belgian Shepard caught and killed the nutria that had moved into our yard. While the nutria did eat & kill the roots of our Willow tree and several roses that had been planted in our backyard; if I had known there was a bounty on it I would have mailed the tail off. As it was, the County Deputy Sheriff/Animal Control when contacted said I could dispose of the body as they knew the nutrias are in our region. Since we live on the riverside, we were told to expect more of them in the future.
    So a big Thank You to the wise mind who figured out what to do with those varmits!

  4. Avatar Of Vicki



    I’ve seen these. they are creepy Giant rats. They sound good, in theory, but I can’t get their rat like appearance out of my mind.

    • Avatar Of Veni Veni says:

      They are scary looking to some but what’s scarier is our coast washing into the Gulf of Mexico at a rate of 1 football field every 45 minutes. What’s scarier are antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, glutens, artificial colourings and flavours, and deadly fillers that are added to many pet foods. We invite you to check out the web site or our facebook page and learn more!

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