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How To Win Over a Shy Dog

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Have you ever had to figure out how to win over a shy dog so he or she comes out of their shell and becomes a friendly, happy, outgoing dog? It can be a daunting task unless you understand what techniques to use and have a good knowledge of why the dog is shy. Below we will look at this common issue so you will be prepared in case you ever need to know how to win over a shy dog.

The typical signs you can look for if you suspect a dog has behavioral signs of shyness include the dog runs from strangers and often you, they will walk with their tail tucked between their legs, They may appear to have a glossy look to their eyes, loud noises cause them to find some place to hide, flatten their ears, and avoid making eye contact. The other signs a shy but aggressive dog will exhibit include snarling, biting, baring the teeth, and urinate when approached.

Before you can understand how to win over a shy dog it is imperative you know what is causing the shyness. Some breeds are shy by nature but these are exceptions. The two main trains of thought are it is in the dogs nature to be shy, and the other is if you nurture the dog properly they will not behave in a shy manner. It is possible for a mother dog to pass on her shyness to her litter of puppies. Taking the dog to your vet is a good idea so he or she can be given a thorough medical check-up to rule out a medical condition causing the shyness. If the shyness is traced back to the result of a previous owner treating the dog harshly or you have never taken the time to socialize your dog it is not difficult to help the dog overcome this problem.

Begin with behavior training geared towards the type of dog you have. Some dogs desire to please humans and are known as working class breeds. They are very easy to train as they are intelligent and seek to please their owners. Other breeds are more of the loner or one person type of dog, and you will need to exercise patience and train the dog at a slower pace with these breeds. Research what personality traits your breed has, and then proceed from there.

Learning how to win over a shy dog is not a difficult task if your armed with the proper information and use love, gentleness and take you time.

Have you owned a shy dog? Please relate your experiences below.

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  1. Avatar Of Ron Miller

    Ron Miller


    Thanks, Rose. Those are excellent points!

  2. Avatar Of Rose Marie Holt

    Rose Marie Holt


    My dogs are often introverts by nature and become very wary when about 4 months. I tell puppy people to basically let the dog get comfy in the new home on its own terms, use high value treats to make friends, avoid some behaviors if the dog looks cautiou like eye contact – and to get the dog out and about among people and other dogs without forcing it to be too close to the center if attention. Make sure the dog feels safe with you and at home. At about 1.5 years the stranger danger will ease off.

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