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How Was Clinton’s Dog Buddy Killed?

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Buddy, Bill Clinton’s 4-year old Labrador Retriever, was hit by a car and died in 2002.  How was Clinton’s dog Buddy killed?  We just said he was hit by a car.  Ah, but that would be too simple, leaving conspiracy theories out in the cold.  Slate predictably has a different spin.  They came up with nine suspicious facts about Buddy’s death which will no doubt keep the speculation alive.

  1. Was there an invisible fence on the property perimeter?  If so, was it turned off for some reason?
  2. Were the Clinton’s deliberately not home that day?
  3. Who was left entrusted with Buddy’s care?
  4. Who was the contractor Buddy was allegedly chasing?
  5. How far did Buddy scamper before being hit?
  6. Who ran over buddy?
  7. Why wasn’t Buddy on a leash in compliance with local law?
  8. Why wasn’t Buddy on a leash as advised by dog experts?
  9. What did Buddy know and when did he know it?

Well, regardless of conspiracy theories, it is clear the Clinton’s were not responsible dog owners.  How was Clinton’s dog Buddy killed?  Best case is he was killed through negligence.   We don’t let our kids run in the streets because we don’t want them to get hit by cars.  If we don’t want our dogs to get hit by cars, we don’t let them run in the streets either.  Yes, it may well have been an accident.  But, this type of accident is easily preventable.  Don’t let it happen to your dog!

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