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Humane Society vs. American Kennel Club: HSUS Accuses AKC of Protecting Puppy Mills

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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) yesterday released a report titled “The American Kennel Club: No Longer ‘The Dog’s Champion?’,” that claims the American Kennel Club (AKC), rather than supporting efforts to end puppy mills, are instead acting as a group that support them.

The Humane Society released the video below, along with this statement:

“The American Kennel Club bills itself as ‘The Dog’s Champion,’ but our report shows a pattern of activity that is entirely at odds with that self-description,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The HSUS. “The AKC has opposed more than 80 bills and proposals in the last five years that would have implemented common-sense, humane standards of care at large-scale breeding facilities. We are shocked that a group that should be standing shoulder to shoulder with us is constantly lined up with the puppy mill industry.”

In fact, the AKC has opposed – and rallied their supporters to oppose, the following:

• Bills in West Virginia, Iowa, Ohio and several other states that would have required puppy producers to comply with basic care standards, such as regular feeding, cleaning, minimum space requirements, safe housing and veterinary care;
• An ordinance in Shelby County, Tennessee that would have prevented dogs from being left in hot vehicles for more than an hour (an AKC article called it “unwarranted”);
• A bill in Rhode Island that would have prevented dogs from being tethered or confined to cages for more than 14 hours per day;
• Bills in three states that would have prevented owners from debarking dogs without a medical reason, and requiring that the procedure only be performed by a licensed vet;
• An ordinance in Porter County, Indiana that would require breeding kennels to adhere to the care standards outlined in the Animal Welfare Act (AKC’s Chair called the basic standards “burdensome”);
• A bill in Massachusetts that would have allowed a court to order animals to be seized from persons charged with animal cruelty, with the suspect responsible for the costs of caring for them if convicted; and
• A Louisiana bill that would have prevented breeding facilities from keeping dogs continually in stacked, wire-floored cages.

And, most recently,

the AKC has been lobbying breeders to oppose a proposed USDA rule that would regulate Internet puppy sellers under the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA), even though the proposal includes exemptions for breeders with fewer than five intact females and those who sell puppies directly to buyers they meet in person.

There is just less than one week left to leave a public comment on the USDA’s proposed retail pet store ruling. To share your opinion with the USDA, click HERE before July 16th.

To read the full report by the Humane Society of the United States, click here.

The AKC has not yet responded to the HSUS report.

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  1. Avatar Of Maris



    Of course AKC will ALWAYS protect puppymills. Don’t you know that a lot of AKC judges, directors and members are breeders? AKC should be shut down.

    • Avatar Of Dr.hail



      There is nothing wrong with being a responsible AKC Breeder as they are the best at taking care of their animals. Due to their hard work purebred dogs are almost free of genetic diseases down to 6-12 depending upon the breed. Mixed Breed dogs suffer from 210 genetic diseases as there is no one testing these dogs. If you don’t know by now the HSUS, PeTA, ADL, Friends and now the ASPCA have all been taken over by the animal rights cults which intends to end all pet ownership, the eating of meat, and the use of any animals for companionship.
      You give to the HSUS tell your pets your sorry that you paid to end their existence on this earth. Anyone who says the AKC protects substandard breeding is either ignorant or a liar. HSUS claims all dog breeders are substandard and that is a lie. Why you people believe these cults who want to make all dogs and cats extinct means you have already lost your ability to think rationally. Thats the problem with a vegan diet severe brain damage resulting in the inability to think rationally.

  2. Avatar Of Kathy Greer

    Kathy Greer


    Anyone who believes anything Wayne Pacelle has to say is living in La-La Land. The H$U$ lies all the time and they skirt the truth deliberately…all the time. I feel sorry for anyone who believes their lies and sends money to the H$U$…since the money does NOT go to help any animals! It goes to the pockets of people like Wayne Pacelle and to the War Chest of the H$U$’s PAC. And there is the truth!!

  3. Every time puppies are registered the AKC makes money. That’s what it’s all about for them. My understanding is they dropped Pedigree as being one of their sponsors because Pedigree promotes buying mixed breeds and shelter dogs. Pedigree donates to shelters. Some members belonging to the AKC are some of the biggest snobs you would ever want to meet. I used to breed Labs, but, no more. The next dog I get WILL be from a shelter.

    • Avatar Of Proyko



      It is all about the money with the AKC. And Betty is right about snobs.
      Stop the puppy mill trade. These are inhumane. A wonderful woman I met years ago who ran Boxer rescue told me that when a breed becomes popular that is the kiss of death for that breed. So true.

  4. Avatar Of Shawn Kneipple

    Shawn Kneipple


    From my understanding the current legislation that is being proposed to implement USDA standards on large internet breeders would group any dog or animal breeder that has more that three animals in the same category as a large scale breeding operation forcing them comply with unrealistic standards for hobby breeders. The AKC has always been more of a breed steward. I believe that the HSUS has always been more in self promotion and has not done anything to really support the well being of animals.

  5. Avatar Of Steph



    This whole thing sounds really strange to me. But If I had to choose one side to believe, and that’s a very tough choice, I’d have to go with the Humane society. If the things stated here are true, I just don’t understand it. You’d think the AKC would be a major force that should be linked to protecting animals, not aligning against them. I hope the truth comes out soon, because every minute that passes, another poor animal could be giving birth in a puppy mill!!! Those situations are just too hard me to think about!

    • Avatar Of Sue



      Steph, don’t believe a word the HSUS puts out there! They spend less than $1.00 for every $100.00 they take in on animals. The rest of the money they pilfer from unsuspecting little old ladies goes to their very large salaries, their very large pensions, and to lobbying from the local to national levels for animal rights. Now before you get your panties in a knot about animal rights, their version of animals rights is to eliminate ALL animal ownership within the United States. That means that NOBODY will have in their possession any animal for any reason: dogs, cats, horses, cattle, chickens, iguanas, mice, zoo animals, etc. If you peruse the AKC website and any press releases they have put out, you would find that they are FOR responsible pet ownership and breeding. They do not want puppy mills anymore than you or I do, but they do not want all breeding to stop. They want RESPONSIBLE breeding to be happening out there and they try to do that through their various education programs.

      So, before you go vilifying the AKC, try getting ALL the FACTS!

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