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Ice Skating Center Makes Gallons of Snow to Fulfill Dying Dogs Bucket List

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Faced with the heartbreaking end of their beloved dog Maggie’s battle with cancer, a Salt Lake County family determined to fill her last weekend with all her favorite things—paddleboarding, camping, her ball, all the food she could ever want, and unlimited belly rubs. And, when they realized they wouldn’t get the chance to see Maggie romp and roll in the snow again, the community stepped up to help.

Maggie’s owners turned to social media for help, asking, “Does anyone have a shaved ice machine they have put away for the season? Our sweet dog Maggie is passing of cancer and on Monday we want to build her one last snowbank to roll in.”


When the Salt Lake County Ice Center heard about Maggie, they offered to collect “zamboni snow” for the snow-loving senior pup.

On the morning of Maggie’s last day, Ice Center employees met her family at the break of dawn to help load bins and buckets full of fresh, fluffy snow into their van.

The family unloaded the snow into their backyard, creating a chilly throne for sweet Maggie. On her last day, well before the winter season, Maggie enjoyed lounging in the snow one last time, surrounded by her family and loads of love.

“We are incredibly grateful that our sweet girl spent her final moments surrounded by immense love and comfort. We are absolutely heartbroken, but have found comfort in knowing we gave her the best life and the most gracious passing,” Maggie’s family posted to Facebook.

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