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Including Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

Man’s (and woman’s) best friend has that title for a reason! Dogs make the perfect life companion, so why not include them in your big life moments? There’s no better way to celebrate your wedding day than by including your four-legged pal in the fun!


To give you inspiration and ideas for incorporating your dog into the wedding, Personal Creations made gorgeous mood boards with everything from morning preparation to reception partying!

Before having your dog join in the wedding, make sure they’ll be comfortable hanging out with a crowd! If your dog is naturally reserved or shy, some private photo sessions may keep your pup feeling more relaxed! But if your pooch loves being the center of attention, dress them up as the ring bearer or flower girl and send them down the aisle to the crowd’s “awwww”!

Getting Ready for the Big Day

It’s here, the big day! Why not share it with your favorite pooch?

First Photo by: Tara Barnes Photography | Second Photo by: Brogen Jessup | 

Walking Down the Aisle

First Photo by: Lauren Peele Photography | Second Photo by: Dennis Qwan Headshots | Third Photo by: Gina Paulson |

Color Coordinating

Color coordinate your pup’s collar with your wedding bouquet. DIY a dog collar with beautiful boutique flowers in colors that complement the wedding party outfits.

First Photo by: De Joy Photography | Second Photo by: The Red Fly Studio | Third Photo by: Gabriella Katalin Photography | Fourth Photo by: Mary Costa Weddings | Fifth Photo by: Karlee K Photography |

Capturing The Moment

You know what they say, dogs are man (and woman)’s best friend! The following photos are perfect ways to include your dog as what they are, a companion to you two and a part of this celebration.

First Photo by: Teri B Photography | Second Photo by: Vesic Photography | 

Paws down, having a dog in your wedding can contribute to an unforgettable event. Having your furry friend by your side as you say I do can be a special moment that you’ll cherish for years to come.

For even more adorable wedding ideas (for you AND your dogs) visit Personal Creations.

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