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Incredible 6-Year Old Girl Rescues Dog On the Run for Months

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After two months on the run and countless attempts by adults to capture her, it was a 6-year old dog lover that finally helped Daisy get her happily ever after.

In October, Daisy was adopted by a family in Hollister, California. But, just two days after bringing her home, the shepherd-mix escaped from her new back yard. For two months, Daisy was spotted around town. Adoptive family, rescuers, friends and family tried to capture Daisy, but the quick dog always evaded them.

“She was in fight or flight mode,” Deanna Barth, an animal rescue expert that tried to catch Daisy explained to KSBW8. “All the typical things like cage traps and baiting with smelly foods was not working,” Barth said. “Our only way to earn her trust was to get someone she might remember.”

Barth learned that before being adopted, Daisy had been fostered in a home and developed a special bond with a little girl there. Karen Topping and her 6-year old daughter Meghan drove from their home in Morgan Hill to Hollister where Daisy was frequently spotted. The found her in a large, empty field.

Karen began taking pictures and video to document the sighting, but it was Meghan who decided on her own to take action. Meghan says “Daisy” told her what to do.

“She told me. Because you can talk to dogs in your brain,” Meghan explained. “She told me if Mom stayed in the truck she would come to me and I believed it.”

So Meghan got out of the truck, walked to the middle of the field, sat down, and waited. It didn’t take long for Daisy to recognize her former best friend and come to her, tail wagging. After petting Daisy for a few moments, Meghan returned to the truck for a leash, then went back and put it on Daisy.

Although Meghan and Daisy had clearly developed a beautiful friendship, the Toppings weren’t in a position to adopt her. But, it became clear to rescuers that Daisy needed to be in a home, with a family, that had children.

Daisy is now happy and loving life with her new best friend, a 6-year old girl named Ava, who plans to train her to be a therapy dog for children in the hospital.

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