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Infographic: 7 Summertime Treats That Could Hurt Your Dog

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Keep safe and stay cool this summer with Ralph’s 7 Summertime Treats that could hurt your dog:


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  1. Awesome! thank you for such a timely post and such well visualized. many thanks for this and a good reminder for all to be responsible.

  2. Avatar Of Ced



    My golden retriever eat most of those things. He loves beer and milk. He is a very healthy dog.

    • Avatar Of Darlene D

      Darlene D


      Ced, please educate yourself about what foods are dangerous for dogs to ingest. You are an irresponsible pet parent and are putting your dog at risk.

      • Avatar Of Glenda T

        Glenda T


        Darlene, you come off like a judgmental, overreactive twit. Unless you have one of those useless small dogs, a limited amount of beer or milk or even (gasp!) an occasional grape is unlikely to cause any significant damage. Dogs are omnivores and scavengers with a short digestive tract with a very low pH (lower than us primates do). They move food and the non-food items they inevitably ingest through their gut quickly. Unless their diet consists strictly of the foods in the (overstated) infographic above, the dog will be just fine. As far as grapes go, no one knows why some dogs react so severely, with renal failure and death. For decades, trainers gave their dogs frozen grapes as a treat and nothing came of it. We’re still figuring that one out so it is better to probably control access to them. All things in moderation, dear.

      • Avatar Of Dawn



        I agree! Also who would give their dog beer!Really not a good thing to do at all. And to Glenda you are SO wrong, dogs don’t need none of that shit, not good for them!

  3. Avatar Of Amy Amy says:

    My research showed that the flesh of the avocado is safe but all other parts have persin and are toxic.

  4. PAWsome infographic. Shared it in our FB. Lots of Golden Thanks n Woofs, Sugar

  5. Avatar Of Frances



    To much corn can cause stomach upset, someone needs to let most dog food makers know that as a lot of dry dog foods are mostly corn.

    • Avatar Of Linda Peterson

      Linda Peterson


      Most dog food MAKERS KNOW about too much corn. It’s dog OWNERS that need to be informed.

  6. Avatar Of Lh



    This chart says most dogs are lactose intolerant, but Paula Deen’s dog treat recipe calls for powdered milk. Which is it? Is there a substitute?

    • Avatar Of George Chase

      George Chase


      I presume it is immaterial, but the recipe calls for “non fat milk” says nothing about powdered.

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