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INFOGRAPHIC: Pet Fire Safety: Are You Prepared to Protect Your Pets?

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As part of Disaster Preparedness Month, we’ve created this infographic with easy to read tips, scary truths about fires, and reference points for emergency preparedness.


Feel free to print, post, or share this graphic with everyone! Thousands of pets die each year in household fires, and pets start 1,000 of those fires every year – know how to prevent them and be prepared in the event of a fire.

And, don’t forget to place pet rescue alert decals on windows around the home to notify emergency responders that you’ve got pets inside! (You can pick some up right here!

Fire Safety

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  1. Avatar Of Mr.paul Mr.Paul says:

    Very nice infographic you have to shared with us.and thanks for the post.

  2. Avatar Of Sherry Daniel

    Sherry Daniel


    I would like to know where I can get the Fire Safety flyer. It’s something I would definitely give away to anyone who has pets.

  3. The tips are really very helpful in your blog as it saves the hundred and thousand of lives which is really a great thing…Thanks for sharing such a nice post with us….

  4. Avatar Of Rich Seldner

    rich seldner


    What is the likelyhood that a pet will exit the house through their pet door when a fire occurs. Is there any research on this?

  5. Avatar Of Dawn dawn says:

    Great infographic! I will be sharing it on my blog for National Pet Fire Safety Day.

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