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Innovative Device Protects Blind Dogs From Bumping Into Walls And Hard Surfaces

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Blindness in dogs is more prevalent than you may think, affecting more than 300,000 dogs in the US alone. Now, an innovative device is helping blind and vision-impaired dogs navigate the world around them.


While blindness can be caused by a number of issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, diabetes and trauma, dogs that become blind very often end up bumping into things over and over, tumbling down stairs, and putting themselves at risk of further trauma eventually causing them to stop moving all together and become severely depressed.

The revolutionary Muffin’s Halo addresses this problem by providing dogs (or cats!) with a halo around their head and shoulder area acting as a buffer to alert the dog to a hard surface and redirecting them away from it.

Innovative Device Protects Blind Dogs From Bumping Into Walls And Hard Surfaces - The Dogington Post

“I created Muffin’s Halo for my blind toy poodle, who lost his sight at age eleven,” said Silvie Bordeaux, inventor and founder.  “He was having a hard time transitioning, so I was determined to find a solution to help him navigate safely.  My invention resulted in his regaining self-confidence and it is now used by over 20,000 blind dogs worldwide.”


Muffin’s Halo is a lightweight, three piece device that is comfortable and easy to fit with adjustable fastening straps that will accommodate all sized blind dogs. Cushiony soft wing sits on the dog’s neck protecting the head and shoulders while absorbing impact when the dog is confronted by a hard surface. This wing support a halo surrounding the head that acts as a buffer to alert the dog of a surface or object and redirects them.

Muffin’s Halo comes in five different styles that honors and celebrates blind dogs.

“The Angel Wing” signifies protection and guidance. “The Quarterback” is for the star of the team who has his blind side covered. “The Butterfly Wing” symbolizes freedom to fly again. “My Blind Dog” is a hip and unisex style. And the “Blind Soldier” is for the warrior blind dogs who have fought many battles to survive.

“When I saw the huge difference that my invention made in Muffin’s life, I knew that this device could improve the lives of many blind dogs and I was determined to get it on the market to assist them,” added Bordeaux. “What I love most about Muffin’s Halo is that it stimulates blind dogs to explore again and truly enhances their quality of life.”

Muffin’s Halo can help blind cats navigate their world, too!

For more information about Muffin’s Halo visit www.muffinshalo.com.

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