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Interesting Facts About Your Dog’s Schnozz!

Some dog owners also opt for the micro-chip implants but these can be removed but your pooch’s nose is there for good. Having a nose print is an excellent way to ensure his safe and sound return if the dog ever becomes lost, and his or her owners need to be identified so the dog can be returned to them.

We’re all aware that dogs have an amazing sense of smell compare to us. We humans have about 5 million scent receptors in our snouts, while Dachshunds have 125 million or so. And they are on the low end of the doggy scale. Beagles and German Shepherds have about 225 million, while the legendary Bloodhound has about 300 million!

Just because your dog’s nose is warm does not indicate he is ill. The conventional wisdom is a dog with a cold nose is a healthy dog. A warm nose may indicate the dog has allowed the nose to become dry and thus feel warm to your touch. If his nose stays warm for more than a day a trip to the vet is in order to check for other possible health concerns.

Have you found these interesting facts about your dogs nose to be fun reading? Maybe you even learned something you were unaware of. We hope so!

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