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Interesting Facts About Your Dog’s Schnozz!

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Like to learn a few interesting facts about your dogs nose? I bet you are saying something like “what interesting facts”? He or she smells with it! On the contrary my fellow doggy owner, as this little knob on the end of their snouts does quite a bit more than just locate where you are hiding their favorite treats. Read on for several interesting facts you may find very surprising.

One of the interesting facts about your dogs nose is the purpose for it being wet. He has lateral glands that secrete a fluid to keep the nose canals lubricated. Occasionally after a long nap in a dry place a dog will wake up and his nose will be dry so the first thing he does is lick his smeller so it is again wet and ready to go to work picking up all sorts of odors.

Are you aware dogs can be identified by their nose prints? In the same manner people are identified by finger prints your dog has his or her own specific nose print. The old way of dog identification was to take a paw print, but this has passed by the wayside and now doggy nose prints are taken. If a dog is to be bonded the nose print is required by the insurance company. All dog trainers and breeders are required to have nose prints on record of their dogs for this bonding if it is ever required.

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  1. Avatar Of Jojo



    Great info. I even learned something new 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar Of Nan Walton Nan Walton says:

    Canine survival instincts drive almost all dog behavior and it is primarily the olfactory senses of a dog that get the job done – both theirs and ours. These unbelievable senses drive actions that man uses daily and we should certainly be grateful the canine species decided to make the human species part of their family!

  3. Avatar Of Jamie



    How bout when your dogs nose drips, like when we have a cold and our nose is runny?

  4. Avatar Of Mary



    My Boxer has the driest nose on the planet. I put “bag balm” on it. It will literally get so dry, small chunks will come off. Poor guy suffers.

    • Avatar Of Amber Ross

      Amber Ross


      Hi, we have a dog with a dry nose and use a product available in the UK called Yumega which we love, however, we also buy Vitamin E capsules and break them open to put on his nose, it works really quickly! I’m sure people will point out that a dry nose may mean other problems, so a quick trip to the vet may also be in order.

    • Avatar Of Bellini



      I’d definitely take a trip to the vet. That kind of dryness can be discoid lupus. Something to check out for sure.

    • Avatar Of Anne



      I’ve had three boxers and all of them have had dry noses, I thought it was something that boxers just had.

    • Avatar Of Mike Carlson Mike Carlson says:

      We have a product that is guaranteed to fix that dry crusty nose. It’s called Snout Soother. Check it out on our website. Money back guarantee.

  5. Avatar Of George Chase

    George Chase


    There was a company advertising nose print charms & tags. When I went to check them out, I coudnt even check price w/o giving my addresses, so I clicked off.

  6. Avatar Of Lance Lance says:

    That’s quite an interesting fact:) I never thought that taking a nose print is possible until I read this article. lol

  7. Avatar Of Joyce



    I love my Dog’s * Wet nose kisses* He just turned 10 yesterday!

  8. Avatar Of Greg



    I still often wonder why a dog has to put his olfactory directly on a pile of dog doo or any other object if they have such a keen sense of smell.

  9. Avatar Of Marcia



    I am also wondering how they obtain nose prints. My son used to nose-print our very patient dachshund with Silly Putty, but I’ll bet there’s another way. 😉

  10. How do they take a nose print? Do they use ink like with finger prints? And does it wrap around the sides of the nose or just the front? Interesting.

  11. Avatar Of Patricia



    Quite interesting little article. Now I found out something new. I always look at My one dogs nose because it looks like a teddy bears nose.

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