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3 Interior Design Tips for a Fashionable, Functional Dog-Friendly Home

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Often, a pet friendly home comes hand-in-hand with a practical and functional approach to interior design that can compromise on style, with many pet owners finding it a challenge to cater for both their own and their pet’s needs – but this definitely doesn’t have to be the case.

In today’s post, we’re offering some interior design tips to help you seamlessly blend fashion and function throughout your home. From the best flooring choices and savvy soft furnishings to practical furniture, we’ll show you how to ensure your home is safe, comfortable and stylish for every family member.

Interior Design

Add luxury to your living area

While choosing your sofa based on pet practicalities is the easiest option to keep your home clean, it may not match the interior design ideas you had in mind. Naturally, you should take practical elements like fur shedding and cleaning into consideration when choosing soft furnishings, but it doesn’t always mean sacrificing on style.

Stay away from fabrics that are going to be magnets for pet hair such as velvet, mohair or corduroy that are easily damaged and are the perfect texture for gathering pet hair. Instead, we’d recommend smooth, hardwearing options, such as leather or synthetic materials that won’t easily show pet claw marks, mud and fur – this is particularly important if your furry friend loves lounging on the sofa.

If your pup is still in the chewing phase or your cat prefers your table legs over the cat scratcher, swap wicker, wood and fabric covered pieces for metal alternatives. It’s guaranteed not to taste as nice, acting as a deterrent for your furry friend – and the sleek look of shiny metal or antiqued brass pieces will lend a hint of luxury and interest to your interiors, too.

Interior Design

Combine practicality and design in your kitchen

Pets can be messy at times, so it’s essential to keep the cleaning process in mind when you’re choosing your kitchen interiors. For low maintenance cabinets, consider stainless steel or high gloss cupboard doors for a kitchen aesthetic that’s contemporary and sleek. Easy to clean and hardwearing, they’ll prove an invaluable addition for busy kitchens.

To up the function of your design, it’s also an idea to carve out a designated pet area, especially  if this is where they sleep and spends a large portion of time. A cosy corner with their favourite bed or blanket, plus feeding bowls and some toys will be primed for keeping them comfortable and prevent them from getting under your feet when you’re trying to prep meals.

When it comes to flooring options, we’d highly recommend installing tiles for a long-lasting solution. Scratch, stain and water resistant, as well as strong and durable, this type of surface will stay looking fresher for longer and help to keep pets cool on warm summer days. With the bonus of being incredibly versatile and easy to clean, it’s possible to pull off a multitude of interior design styles, whether you want rustic-chic or modern and luxurious. You can even give kitchen walls some added protection and glamour with wipe-clean colourful mosaic tiles on low-level areas beside their sleeping and feeding area.

Interior Design

Make your bathroom a bathing haven

If you’re a dog lover, you’ll know that your pooch will need bathing regularly, so priming your bathroom for doggy bathtime will be an important part of your design. If you have the option, you can ensure your pet’s bathing time doesn’t infringe on your relaxation sanctuary by combining your pet washing area with a kitchen utility room.

When this isn’t possible, opting for an elevated bathtub could be an efficient solution for bathing smaller pets and getting to those hard-to-reach areas – while alleviating excess strain on your back and knees when giving your furry friend a thorough scrub. Even with a traditional bathtub the addition of a ladder or step up to the tub will make life easier for you and your pooch, particularly with older dogs or those who aren’t as nimble.

Protect floors and walls in similar ways to the kitchen with water-resistant tiles when the inevitable wet shake happens, and invest in a dedicated dog bath mat and towel to ensure the mess is confined to the bathroom and doesn’t ruin your best bath linen.

Interior Design

You can also make some small updates which could make your bathroom more pet friendly, without breaking the bank. The addition of non-slip shower flooring will help give you and your four-legged friend more grip underfoot during cleaning rituals, and with a variety of styles on the market, it’ll be easy to find a solution that still delivers an elegant finish.

With an estimated 68% of US households including at least one pet, creating a harmonious living space which you and your pet love has never been more important. We hope that with these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to achieve beautiful interiors that successfully marry function and fashion for you and your pets – meaning every member of the family is happy.

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About the Author: Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers – bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects and developers.

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