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It Was Only A Dog

Tyler Burdhimo is a fine young man.

Just ask his parents.

He’s going to graduate High School in a few weeks.

If he can get out of jail.

You see Tyler killed a woman while driving his car. Maria Konstantinidis, aged 75, will never play with her grandchildren again.

She’ll never deliver Easter cookies to the neighbors again.

Because Tyler shouldn’t have been driving his car that night.

He hit Maria and kept going.

He never stopped.

And when the police asked him why he didn’t stop Tyler said,
“I thought it was only a dog.”

Rest in Peace Maria.


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You see, it Tyler’s perverted and warped world, dogs don’t count.

It’s okay to hit a dog with your car and keep driving.

But the judge didn’t buy it.

Even if you hit a dog, the judge instructed, you stop and get out of the car.

Tyler didn’t.

He kept going thinking, “It was only a dog.”

Mr and Mrs Burdhimo – you’ve raised a fine young man.





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