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It Was Only A Dog

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Tyler Burdhimo is a fine young man.

Just ask his parents.

He’s going to graduate High School in a few weeks.

If he can get out of jail.

You see Tyler killed a woman while driving his car. Maria Konstantinidis, aged 75, will never play with her grandchildren again.

She’ll never deliver Easter cookies to the neighbors again.

Because Tyler shouldn’t have been driving his car that night.

He hit Maria and kept going.

He never stopped.

And when the police asked him why he didn’t stop Tyler said,
“I thought it was only a dog.”

Rest in Peace Maria.


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You see, it Tyler’s perverted and warped world, dogs don’t count.

It’s okay to hit a dog with your car and keep driving.

But the judge didn’t buy it.

Even if you hit a dog, the judge instructed, you stop and get out of the car.

Tyler didn’t.

He kept going thinking, “It was only a dog.”

Mr and Mrs Burdhimo – you’ve raised a fine young man.


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  1. Avatar Of Debi Hite

    Debi Hite


    Oh it is Debi again I forgot to say Ralph is a very very happy dog you really can’t tell except the way he holds his head to the right all the time he runs and plays liks all other dogs.He is a silkie terrie mix. Jus wanted to add that to his storie, sorry I forgot the good news,just get upset about the bad but he’s great it happened 9 years ago abd he’s 12 now.

  2. Avatar Of Debi Hite

    Debi Hite


    My sons dog was hit by a car on purpose we were crosing the street je was on aleash and these kids pulled out of a parking lot and came right at us and almost hit me but turned towards Ralph and hit him and they took off. He lost his eye his hearing part of the use of his leg he was in intensive care for over a month thousands of dollars later Im proud to say he is sitting right next to me! A lso he was not alive when he was born but I brought him back he is an absolute miracle. We love him. No the kids were never caught!!!!

  3. Avatar Of Kelly



    All I can say is wow!!!! That is absolutely disgusting to be so completely heartless.

  4. Avatar Of Al Montana

    al montana


    The kid better grow fast. There going to eat him up in jail!

  5. Avatar Of Bobby



    this little scumbag needs to be put in a deep dark hole for the rest of his natural life I realize that accidents can happen but to be so callous about it is unforgivable a life regardless is a life sure some put a human life above a dogs life but to me they are equal.

  6. Avatar Of Anjy



    In the State of Florida it is considered a hit/run to hit a dog and not stop…we lived down there several years ago and a man my husband worked with hit a dog on his way to work and didn’t stop and they came to the jobsite (construction) and arrested him. So it is not “just a dog”!!! You still took a life!!!

  7. Avatar Of Estella Tennyson

    Estella Tennyson


    Our dog was hit by a car years ago and the driver sped off without a second thought. It happened right in front of my son. It was hit and miss if he would make it and it cost thousands to repair his leg but he was worth every penny. Yes, it was a bad error on my part. He always stayed in the car with the windows open but we figure he saw my son riding by on his bike and wanted to go play with him (I was in the store). Even 24 years later I still feel guilty but I still am angry that the other driver never stopped to see how he was. I never take a dog in my car anymore if I need to stop somewhere. We just go for rides or to the park. This young man needs to be made to realize that no matter what you think you hit, you need to pull over and check that it is not someone or something that needs medical attention.

  8. Avatar Of Christine Niemiec

    christine niemiec


    what a waste of space and oxygen! if his comment wasn’t bad enough there is a BIG difference in the size of a human and a dog…so unless that poor woman was on her hands and knees how could he not know it was a person that he hit?!!!

  9. Avatar Of Denise



    this guy is a real piece of garbage..I think he should definitely go to jail & when he comes out he should be made to pick up dead or injured animals by highways & roads that are hit & left there by cold hearted people like himself…

    • Avatar Of Beverly Doty Beverly Doty says:

      I agree with Denise that this “fine young man” should definitely do jail time, and I also like her idea for post-jail probation of picking up dead animals along the roads/highways — no matter if they are domestic or wild.
      I would also like to see the parents go into some kind of counseling regarding the rights of animals and why what he did was “dead” wrong. Where did he get his mind-set from? I don’t say all kids’ problems and ideas come from parents, but in a saying I saw when my kids were young: “you learn what you live” (author unknown to me).

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