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Italian City to Use Silent Fireworks Out of Respect for Animals

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Dogs and other animals living in the Italian town of Collecchio will rest a little easier during city-wide celebrations as the local government mandates that only silent fireworks be used out of respect for the animals.

Silent Fireworks

More dogs are lost, frightened, and stressed during holidays and special events in which fireworks are used in celebration than any other time of the year. Normally calm, confident, relaxed dogs are often reduced to trembling, terrified, panicked pups as a barrage of pops, bangs, and explosions goes on, sometimes for hours. When spooked, dogs often bolt, running away to escape the blasts. Each year, hundreds of dogs never make it back home again.

That’s why the town of Collecchio in Italy’s Parma province have passed legislation last year that forces citizens to use silent fireworks as a way to minimize the fear and trauma dogs and other animals experience during the celebratory displays.

One Italian company, Setti Fireworks, has already developed a quieter version of the brilliant displays and spectacular light shows, without the accompanying explosive sounds that send dogs and wildlife into a panic. Similarly, fireworks companies in the U.S. have been developing quiet fireworks displays in anticipation of the trend toward respecting animals and wildlife expanding world wide.

Would you support a silent fireworks mandate in your own town or city?

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  1. That does it!!! My Chihuahua, Sampson, is giving up his American citizenship and applying for documentation from the European Union! I am in the process of purchasing a translation devise in order for him to acquire the ability to bark in Italian! Anything, anything to keep my "Sammy" safe from those vandals using fireworks! Arrivederci America! Sampson and I are leaving… now!

    • Avatar Of Dianne



      Ditto for my Aussiedoodle Henri who will now become "Henricho!". Imagine that …. a town that cares about its animals equally …awsome beyond belief!!!!

  2. Avatar Of Renee Duncan

    Renee Duncan


    This is a great idea if it really works. It would be soooo great if the people could enjoy their fireworks and the other people and our fur babies could enjoy their sleep. This is also a good idea for our serviceman that have problems with the explosions from the fireworks. This would be a great way to honor them and give them the quiet or fairly quiet with the beauty of the fireworks.

  3. Avatar Of Michele



    DEFINITELY! Maybe our pooches could enjoy the pretty colors instead of cowering in a corner. Once the first is heard usually around Memorial Day…my Dog remains skiddish until well after Laborday at the slightest pop or sound on a walk…he’s headed for home trying to drag me along too

  4. Avatar Of Salyer



    I’m all for it! I just know the price of fireworks will sky rocket!

  5. Avatar Of Patricia Green

    Patricia Green


    This is fantastic! My Pop-Pop’s dog Butch died because of fireworks one Independence Day. The noise scared him, he broke his tether and ran off. He found him the next day, drowned in a creek.

  6. Avatar Of Elizabeth



    This should be mandatory everywhere. Someone built a baseball field close to our house, and we have to hear the freaking explosions every night that there is a home game. businesses should not be allowed to take over entire neighborhoods

  7. Avatar Of K Wilk

    K Wilk


    As a survivor of a mass shooting inside a school, I applaud the people of Collecchio. I used to love fireworks. I can no longer enjoy them. The sounds are too reminiscent. The Italians are unknowingly helping survivors who suffer from PTSD as well as animals. We are not as cute & cuddly as our pets, but we appreciate it just as much, maybe even more.

    • Avatar Of Pat



      I’m sure there are thousands and thousands, along with soldiers home from war zones, who deal with similar problems. Maybe for some people, it would take some of the excitement out of it, but “Quieter” would definitely be better for the elderly and babies/small children, too.

  8. I’ve been a fireworks manufacturer and in the industry for 30 years. It isn’t possible to have silent aerial fireworks. You can leave out the “salutes” or “reports” from a display (bright flash, loud boom) – but for all the color shells to burst open, there must be a degree of boom to blow it apart in the sky. Every shell that is shot up has an explosive charge to send it skyward.

    All of my pets have always had problems with fireworks and thunder storms. And living in the country, hunting season is problematic too, what with all the shooting that goes on. I plan ahead to be sure that they are secure – there is background noise (TV or music) – close my windows & screen doors – thundershirts & rescue remedy.

    Before we shoot off our fireworks, I send out postcards to all of my neighbors so they can plan ahead as well.
    When there is a planned event in a community, everyone knows about it. If your pets are anxious because of the noise, plan ahead to make it as safe and easy for them as possible.

    • Avatar Of Beanzoboy



      I’m not sure how they managed to have silent explosions. They must have found a way to ignore physics, you know?

      • Avatar Of Cat Malkin Cat Malkin says:

        Please remember to put ID Tag on your dogs, cats and horses. It’s their ticket home should they go missing.
        1/3 of pets have noise aversion. Please stay with your pet if they get anxious from fireworks. It’s no fun for them to cope and deal with their fear alone.

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