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Italian Greyhound

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The Italian Greyhound, also referred to as the Piccolo Levriero Italiano, is a well-liked breed of slender, little dog that originated in Italy. It belongs to the Toy breed family which is adored for their tiny size and endearing expression. Italian Greyhounds have been bred to become engaging companions and small-game hunting dogs. Their smooth, shiny coat comes in any color, commonly in slate gray, gray, red, blue, fawn, black, cream, or white.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Italian Greyhound commonly stand a height of about 12 to 15 in, and weigh approximately 6 to 10 lbs.


Italian Greyhound2

Italian Greyhounds, in general, are kind , dependent, and affectionate little fellows. They are keen, playful, and intelligent. Italian Greyhounds are very fast, and highly active. The breed is typically submissive, and very eager to please their family owners. They need handlers who are calm, but are capable of displaying an air of natural authority over them. Because Italian Greyhounds tend to be aloof with strangers, they need to be socialized well. Lack of exercise, and over-protectiveness by their owners can make the breed rather high-strung and timid. Italian Greyhounds are best suited for quiet households, though they can still get along well with children other animals. During stressful circumstances, owners are discouraged to reassure the pet by cuddling or stroking since it tends to intensify the dog’s tension.


The breed’s coat care requirements are quite minimal. Occasional brushing or wiping could already be enough to get rid of their dead hairs. Because Italian Greyhounds are prone to acquiring gum problems as well as tartar buildup, owners are encouraged to direct their grooming attention on the dog’s dental needs. It is important that the breed gets to receive tooth-brushing on a daily basis and nail-clipping twice a month.

Health Concerns

Like most toy dog breeds, members of the Italian Greyhound are also likely to suffer from tail injuries and leg fractures. Other related health conditions include eye defects, dental problems, and bone disorders. Nevertheless, the breed is relatively sturdy. They are long-lived, and have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Best Environment

Italian Greyhounds are generally suited for sunny climates. They do best in warm and caring households. Because the breed could hardly tolerate the cold, owners should keep them from sleeping outdoors. Italian Greyhounds can easily adjust to the noisy city environment or to the silent country home scenario. Access to a secure, fenced yard would be great for them. In terms of exercise, daily short walks and short-time play sessions would already suffice their minimal exercise needs.

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  1. Avatar Of のすゆぐ のすゆぐ says:

    This really answered the problem, thank you!

  2. Avatar Of Mara



    They are prone to seizures.. teeth problems.. . Eye problems… n females are prone to kidney problem… i find that feeding this breed organic food is better for there health n teeth… i tend to pour a lil soup broth in with there dry food… or i will cook some chicken up n put a lil in there dry with chicken broth… sticking with natural foods is better for them… oh another thing… dont let your dog off leash until they are trained because these are sight hounds and they will chase anything that floats in the sky like a leafy or anything on the ground.. if you think your dog likes the snow you should get him snow boots because there paws cant handle snow for that long… n you should get them polar fleece coats n sweater… it will help keep them warm… i would get a rain coat as well because they hate the rain… well if you follow these notes your IG will be happy

  3. Avatar Of Mara



    I have had 3 of them… one female n 2 boys… when you have them as puppies you cant let them jump off of high things like beds… couches… chairs… they arms n legs are very fragile at this time… i would introduce dog toothpaste as a early age because they need to have there teeth brushed often… use a kids tooth brush because there teeth are soft n get lots of toys that they can chew on when they are teething… IG like to be warm.. . They will sleep with you in bed under all the blankets… so dont be shocked… you should get your IG fleece sweaters n coats for the weather… to protect there skin… keep in mind these dogs don’t have any hair or fat on them… you can see right through there legs… you should train your dog to either a pee pad o cat box… some IG wont go to the bathroom outside if its raining or snowing or too cold… these dogs are very fragile an cant be left outside when its cold… they are not the typical dog.. these dogs are like having a 3 year old child… they love attention n affection n you and want to be apart of everything.. . They like windows n sitting in the sun… however dont leave them in your car on a hot day… grooming wise very easy to do… intelligence very smart… when training praise your IG yelling wont get you anywhere with them… they are very sensitive dogs as well…health problem

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