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It’s Finally Happening! An Animal Abuser Registry!

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Beginning January 1, 2016, a new database will publicly name, those who have been convicted of animal abuse in the state of Tennessee.

In May, the Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate passed legislation that allowed the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to create a website that compiles the names of animal abusers throughout the state.

As part of the Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began compiling a database including the abuser’s full name, a photograph, and any other identifying data as determined by the TBI.

Upon a first-time conviction, the abuser’s information will be made publicly known and will remain in the database for two years. After two years, if they have not been convicted again, their name and photograph will be removed. Those convicted a second time will remain in the database for five years, after which their name and photo will be removed so long as no other convictions have taken place.

The new law is meant to serve as a deterrent to prevent abuse from happening in the first place and to prevent abusers from committing abuse or neglect a second time.

Although the new law does not pertain to livestock at this time, it will include those convicted of felony abuse or neglect, dog fighting, aggravated cruelty, and things of that nature.

The database will be completely public, easily accessible by rescues and shelters doing background checks on potential adopters, for employers, and for residents checking to see if any abusers reside in their neighborhood.

It’s a huge victory in the fight against animal abuse and cruelty in Tennessee. Other states will no doubt be watching the website and its effect on animal abuse cases and, if it’s a success, should eventually create the same type of registry nationwide.

Would you support an animal abuser registry in your own state? Why or why not?

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  1. Avatar Of Veronica



    Absolutely!! As a member of a ways group, it would make our job so much easier.

  2. Avatar Of Terri



    WTG Tennessee! I would support this in EVERY state!

  3. Avatar Of George White George white says:

    Hell yes. Alabama needs to follow suit with Tennessee. I support any an all such data bases for anyone caught abusing ANY animal. That person also needs medical mental attention.

  4. I would totally support an animal cruelty/abuse/neglect registry but i do think they should have a second bite of the apple!!! Once you abuse neglect or torture an animal any animal you should be placed in prison and upon release your name added to an abuse/neglect/cruelty registry for LIFE!!!!! You should not be able to have another animal!!! All you will have learned would be to cover your tracks better!!!! The registry is a great idea and I am in full support of all states incorporating the same or even a federal registry, however the names once added should not be removed!!! EVER!!!

  5. it is so wonderful that at least one state will soon have a Animal Abuser registary
    OKAY Why can’t the rest of our country reliaze how impotant this registary is to everyone .
    This really has go go nation wide to make a real impact

  6. Avatar Of Nadine Marie Rody

    Nadine Marie Rody


    Im so happy they have this to protect all animals,thank you so much!!!

  7. Avatar Of Nadine Marie Rody

    Nadine Marie Rody


    Im so happy they have this as it’s so important to protect animals. Thank you so much for having this.

  8. Avatar Of Penny



    I think the registry is an excellent idea. I need to find out how to reach the people that worked on this to share information with me on how I can start working on getting one here in Arkansas.
    I am a pet sitter, but I also do rescue and have seen a lot.
    This abuse and abandonment has to stop!

  9. I’m all for this and would love to see such a law passed in Florida. Abusers world-wide need to be held accountable for their crime. Laws need to treat animal abusers more seriously, and such a register would serve many purposes.

  10. Avatar Of Tyleen



    I hope we can move on this and grow into other countries. This is so needed all over the world thank you God!!

  11. Avatar Of Tyleen



    I’m in favor too go world wide with this. Other countries are outrageous with animal abuse such as China, Africa, Europe and many more. How can I get involved and be a part of saving our four legged babies. It’s not just dogs and cats our farm animals just as well.

  12. Avatar Of Jennifer Rhoades

    Jennifer Rhoades


    I hope before to long that ALL 50 STATES DO THIS THE DOGS DESERVE JUSTICE

  13. Avatar Of Patricia



    This is wonderful news. My hope is that every State will adopt this. These offenders only get a slap on the wrist.

  14. ABSOLUTELY!!! California and ALL States Need to implement this registry ASAP!! Imo, it should go one step further, posting names on the local Sunday edition of the Newspaper!!

  15. Avatar Of Laurie Johnson

    Laurie Johnson


    Hell YES!! California Needs this!! ALL States Need to implement this registry!! It needs to go one step further imo, Front Page Newspaper Coverage, say, in the local Sunday edition!

  16. YES!! Of course we would support this registry! Any kind of animal abuse is despicable & just plain wrong! We’ll be watching to see just how successful this registry works in Tennessee…and if it’s a success…we’ll push to get the same here in Oklahoma! This is definitely a win for animal lovers everywhere!

  17. Avatar Of Lynn



    Yes, I would support this in my state. One or abuses or neglects the needs of an animal is a bottom-dwelling low life. To harm an innocent animal is inexcusable. The registry is a great idea. It needs to be coupled with stiff fines that the abuser must pay. We cannot make these pond scum have a conscience, but we can make them think twice before they hurt another animal.

  18. Avatar Of Dorothea Swint

    Dorothea Swint


    Animal abusers must be held accountable.The registry is a great idea.I live in Florida and am a member of the Humane Society of the United States.
    God bless all creatures,great and small;and those who care for them.

  19. Avatar Of Debbie Esparza

    Debbie Esparza


    We need this in Arizona. I do not believe though that their photo or name should ever be removed. Once an abuser, always an abuser unless they are educated and should be made to work in shelters (with supervision).

  20. Avatar Of Rita Lovejoy Rita Lovejoy says:

    I would definitely support an Animal Abuse Registry! Why wouldn’t all states cooperate with a registry that could protect animals and be synced between states?! That way, if an abuser moves to another state and/or abuses again, he could be prosecuted accordingly! I also believe an animal abuser should not be allowed to rescue an animal again!

  21. Avatar Of Its About Time!How Do We Get This In Iowa?

    its about time!how do we get this in iowa?


    How do we get this in Iowa,and other states?I live in a small town ,about 90 miles from Des Moines

  22. Avatar Of Brenda Frick

    Brenda Frick


    This is wonderful news, I truly hope ALL states follow suit, HOWEVER…..I believe it is a grievous error the part of the legislatures to exclude farm animals. Horses, cows, pigs and many, many other farm animals are as abused if not more than dogs and cats. Just look at the practice of producing Veal, down feathers, pate’, etc., etc., etc.

    • Avatar Of Kiley Baricevic

      Kiley Baricevic


      They will get there…just hope other states follow and once that is in place the farm animal situation will begin because farm owners don’t want those types of people working for them either…it’s an embarassment…companies will follow so they are not liable for an individuals acts…hopefully.

  23. Avatar Of Rose



    awesome now we just need this to go world wide too many animals suffer because people that do those bad things to animals are allowed to adopt or buy a pet i’m glad this is a law now

  24. Avatar Of Debi Debi says:

    How do we get it started in California???

  25. Avatar Of Pamela Arnold

    Pamela Arnold


    How about owner surrenders to known kill shelters…un altered , not vaccinated, never been to a vet..this too is abuse

  26. Avatar Of Csdub



    YES!!! But these puppy-mill people are con-men and will always find a way to get around the law. My story: I’ve always rescued animals from the Humane Society. After my 16 year-old dog died of liver disease, I waited until I was through with chemo to adopt another dog, this time, the sweetest dog I’ve ever had: (a black-and-white, flowered Shar Pei). He died 17 months later of chronic kidney failure (at about 5 years of age). I adopted another dog, a lab, and this time, bought a Shar Pei puppy from a breeder in TN. The puppy has been nothing but sick since DAY ONE. I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on her, the breeder would never return my calls, and come to find out, he has actually BEEN IN JAIL and paid fines regarding cruelty to animals. I’m obviously really slow on the up-take, because it took me a while to figure out my adult Shar Pei that died was probably from his kennels, too. He uses fake names, other people’s houses to show his dogs, meets people in parking lots, etc.. I’d like to think that I had something to do with this law but I believe it’s development was already in progress by the time I sent my complaint to the sheriff’s office in TN. I ended up rescuing a very expensive puppy from a very bad breeder. I knew better than to buy a dog. Have you ever noticed the puppies at flea markets don’t have urine in their play pen? Just how long do you think they’ve had to go without liquid? The puppies have ruined kidneys before you ever take them home.

  27. Avatar Of Give Me A Break

    give me a break


    Every non-vegan should be on this list then. There is absolutely no difference between abusing animals yourself or paying someone else to abuse them for you. Cows, chickens, pigs, fish, crabs are ALSO animals, and just because their abuse has been socially normalized, legalized, institutionalized and happens behind closed doors does NOT change the fact it is abuse.

  28. Avatar Of Kristy Carls

    Kristy Carls


    I support this 100% state wide. If heartless people are capable of cruelty to animals, then what are they capable of doing to humans. Yes they should be on a registry to help keep them away from other animals. Their criminals and shouldn’t be treated any different than sex affenders and murderers.

    • Avatar Of Give Me A Break

      give me a break


      Oh god. You non-vegans, who pay people to abuse animals for you behind closed doors, are so two-faced.

  29. Avatar Of Diane Glennon

    Diane Glennon


    YES YES YES!!!

  30. Avatar Of Diane Glennon

    Diane Glennon


    YES YES YES I’m from North Caroline

  31. Avatar Of Frank Goss

    Frank Goss


    This is long overdue!

    A shelter should be able to search across state databases so that if an abuser moves out of state they cannot hid their despicable behavior by moving out of state.

  32. Avatar Of Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I would definitely support this and im registered in Colorado but all my family is in Louisiana and I know that they will do the same!

  33. Avatar Of Melissa Abraham

    Melissa Abraham


    Yes I would support a registry for animal abusers 100%. We need this in all the 50 states. I wish we had this in Texas.

  34. Avatar Of Arlene Vacante

    Arlene Vacante



  35. Avatar Of Bernadette Doucette-Sperry

    Bernadette Doucette-Sperry


    Yes…It’s about time…Hopefully it will go Nationwide like it should to be linked together…I would like to see though, a case by case basis on the length of time…Like, Michael Vick, his First arrest was Horrific…Someone like him Should be given Life on the Registry, no exceptions…We need to get these homegrown terrorists caught, convicted and on a registry, there are No More Excuses…

  36. Avatar Of Deborah Comeaux

    Deborah Comeaux


    Yes! Mississippi needs one!

  37. Avatar Of Didi J Dalton

    Didi J Dalton


    Good for Tennessee!! It is a great start for the protection of animals. This should be in all states!

  38. Avatar Of Roopa



    Heck yes! About time!


  40. Avatar Of Irene Butler

    Irene butler


    Yes I would definitely support this. !

  41. Avatar Of Missy Zbylut

    Missy zbylut


    I will definitely support the registry of animal abusers

  42. Avatar Of Alice Knight Alice Knight says:

    I would definitely support an animal abuse registry. They also need to include livestock in this too. I hope they can get this in all the states!

  43. Avatar Of Lucy Torres Lucy Torres says:

    Definitely Yes i will support a animal abuse registry.

  44. Avatar Of Pam



    I would definitely support the animal abusers registry. No animal needs to be abused, neglected, or harmed in any way. Those who do these things, need to pay a harsh penalty!!! I Love All Animals, especially Dogs!!

  45. Avatar Of Robi Mcdaniels

    Robi McDaniels


    I would definitely support the animal abuse registry! !

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