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James Stewart: A Dog Named Beau

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Famed actor James Stewart shared this poem on the old Jonny Carson show.

Does this poem make you laugh or cry?

What’s it’s message to you?

Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Avatar Of Lachie Lachie says:

    Very touching poem, was in tears

  2. Avatar Of Barbara



    RIP to both Beau and Jimmy and I hope they are playng in heaven.

  3. Avatar Of Paula Yarbrough

    Paula Yarbrough


    I was unable to read the poem. It did not come up on my IPAD. Would have really liked to have read it.

  4. Very touching poem as this very day we are having trouble with our older dog Marlin who has been the best dog in the world. He’s 12 and has grown up with my granddaughter. What a wonderful dog and it so breaks my heart to think of going on without him. Jimmy Stewart was an exceptional person in many ways.

  5. Found it while surfing. I thoroughly enjoyed the poem. I write a little poetry myself from time to time. I have dogs & have raised them. I can totally identify with James’ feelings about his dog. It takes a special person to express his feelings in the words. And, James does that!!!

  6. Avatar Of Mom Kastner

    Mom Kastner


    I remember seeing that on the Carson show when it first aired–I loved it then when I was just a young person – as I do now!

  7. Avatar Of Linda Mussa Linda Mussa says:

    I remember watching this episode,it still makes me cry,i also have it on Jimmys Stewarts book of all his poams,he was a beautiful man.When he passed away his yellow Labs grieved terrible,laying on his bed for weeks just waiting for him to come home.Dogs and James Stewart ,cant get much better than that.

  8. Avatar Of Rachael



    very touching…just finished reading Merle’s door and am so emotional from that, now this Poem takes the cake.

  9. Avatar Of Tami Tami says:

    I loved this

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