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Japanese Chin

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The Japanese Chin, also referred to as Chin or the Japanese Spaniel, is a trendy breed of dog that originated in Japan. It belongs to the Toy breed family which is adored for their diminutive size and charming expression. Like any other toyish breed, Chins also represent sheer delight. They have been bred to become engaging family companions. Their silky coat is usually white with some colored patches. The markings are often red, black, lemon, sable, orange, brindle, or black and white with a few tan points.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Japanese Chin breed normally stand a height of 7 to 11 in at the withers, and weigh 4 to 15 lbs.


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Chins, in general, are happy, charming, and lively lapdogs. They are known to be pleasant, and intelligent. The breed has also been identified to be affectionate, loving, and very devoted to their family owners. Chins love everyone; though can be quite aloof with strangers as well as in unfamiliar situations. Owners have to socialize the breed well, at the same time teach their children to be nice and gentle with the Chin pet. The breed gets along well with other canines and animals. They have a mind of its own, and they generally love to have the spotlight. Chins rarely bark. They are mild-mannered, sensitive, and clean. The breed is also known to be graceful yet playful, and agile. They usually make good watchdogs, and can be easily taught to perform some tricks. Handlers, in addition, have to be firm yet gentle in disciplining them. Chins need a leader who is self-assured and consistent with rules.


Japanese Chins are easy to groom. In fact, brushing their silky coat twice a month would already be enough to maintain its luster at the same time keep their hair from matting. Trimming their bottom hairs, however, is necessary to keep them clean and protect them from allergies. Because the Chins tend to shed all throughout the year, vacuuming may become a way of life.

Health Concerns

Some of the common health complications associated with the Japanese Chin breed are skin allergies, heart murmurs, corneal abrasions, luxating patella, epilepsy, and hypoglycemia. Nevertheless, with proper attention, diet, and exercise, Chins can live for as long as 12 to 14 years.

Best Environment

Japanese Chins are generally intolerant with extreme temperatures. Heaters and air-conditioning units have to be available at home to keep the pet comfortable. Chins are suitable for apartment-living. They tend to be fairly active indoors, and may do just fine living in areas with no yard. The breed has minimal exercise requirements. Short walks and a few indoor games will already suffice their exercise needs.

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    A happy owner of a Chin (Leo) his first name was (Rayu) previous owner, was lucky to have him find me a gift, he offers lot of love from this little man he is wonderful small but a happy go lucky breed enjoying his life retired, was a show pet for 3 yrs. now enjoys walks in park, don’t much care for other dogs around our community as they become little concerned due to a previous attack from a pit in our neighborhood, so only have fun in parks that are animal friendly he loves to take life easy and I love him so very much has made my life better with him in it.. LOve you Leo

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