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Join the Merrick Doggupy Movement and Demand Better Dog Food!

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Of the dozens of premium dog food manufacturers we’ve met with, interviewed, and researched, only a small handful stand out as one that The Dogington Post would confidently recommend to our readers.

How sad is that?

Turns out, we’re not the only ones that have a problem with the lack of high quality, healthy dog foods available. So does Merrick Pet Care, the family company most famous for the gourmet canned food, Grammy’s Pot Pie, made with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Two loyal, committed followers of the Merrick Real Food Revolution! Teddy and Winnie Shearson. Photo courtesy of Greg Shearson, CEO of Merrick Pet Care, Inc.

For the past several years the company has been reinventing its recipes after collecting the latest nutrition research, reviewing farmers and suppliers, and conducting quality assurance with its expert panel of dog taste-testers. The result of that effort is a “revolution in a dog bowl,” a mission to reach the highest standards of nutritional excellence.

And, best of all? They want other manufacturers to step up to the plate, too. That’s why they’ve started a revolution. A Doggupy Movement, if you will.

2012 has been a huge year for dog food recalls causing an “awakening” of dog parents to really think about what they’re feeding their furriest family members. And while many pet food companies are making improvements, Greg Shearson, CEO of Merrick Pet Care told The Dogington Post, “You’ve got to continue to move forward; you’ve got to do a better job. Because people demand it.”

Watch Merrick’s cleverly entertaining “Tails from the Revolution” video below, to see what the Doggupy Movement is all about:

We agree. It IS time to demand better dog food.

Are you ready to take a stand? Join Merrick Pet Care on October 2, 2012, in Union Square, New York City. Bring your dog, bark your message to the world, demand better food for your pets!

For more information about Merrick and their Doggupy Movement, LIKE them on Facebook here.


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  1. Avatar Of Chris chris says:

    Dogs are part of our family and we do our best to make them feel loved. We give them the dog food that they really love.

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  3. Avatar Of Michele Matthews

    michele matthews


    stop selling our dogs bad food. Step up and do the right thing now.

  4. Avatar Of Cathy Cartwright

    Cathy Cartwright


    My puppy only eats Merricks! It is the best and his coat is so much healthier than before!

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