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Keep Old Cellphones Out of Landfills While Helping Shelter Pets

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Do you have a junk drawer filled with old cellphones and tablets? Instead of tossing used devices in the trash where they’ll end up in landfills, you can make a few bucks AND help shelter pets!

Cell4Pets Min

The mission at Cell4pets.com is to find responsible and loving homes for the millions of abandoned and abused dogs and cats. The organization achieves this by buying and then reselling used devices. A portion of each sale is donated to a no-kill animal shelter.

There are an estimated 2,000,000 homeless pets euthanized each year. Cell4pets.com wants to reduce this number.

When you sell your device to cell4pets.com you not only receive top dollar for your device, but you’re also helping our most loyal companions.

Extending the life cycle of electronic devices keeps them out of landfills. It’s estimated there are millions — if not a billion — unused cell phones in the US. It is also the mission of Cell4pets.com to reduce the amount of unused phones that end up in our landfills.

By refurbishing, reselling, or recycling, cell4pets.com helps the planet and gives back to our most loyal companions.

Cell4pets.com is paying 30% more than carriers for used iPhones, iPads & Galaxy Phones. They have now added Tablets, Apple Watches, Wearables & HomeTech to the list of devices they purchase from both individuals and companies.

Sell any device valued at $100.00 or more to cell4pets.com and receive an additional $15.00 per device. Enter the Coupon Code “BigBonus” at checkout.

The process is quick and easy, just three simple steps. Cell4pets offers instant price quotes and the site provides a prepaid USPS Priority Mail label making the entire process seamless. Even if a device is not listed on the portal, customers can request a quote from the cell4pets team of technicians.

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