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Kenyan Dog Plays Mom to Two Abandoned Children

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Oscar walks his “adoptive” children to and from school every single day.

Two Kenyan children are being well taken care of since being abandoned by their mother several years ago – by a dog!

7-year-old David Mbogo and 6-year-old Mary Wanjiku were abandoned by their birth mother, who is addicted to chang’aa, a deadly alcoholic drink often spiked with jet fuel or embalming flui

d. While the childrens’ Grandmother, Susan Wanjiku, does her best to care for her grandchildren in their tiny village of Kirigu, Kenya, it’s a neighborhood dog that has stepped up to the plate.

Oscar the dog walks the children to school every morning, then waits patiently for school to end so he can walk them home. The children are never out of this dedicated dog’s sight. He’s even helped them find their way home when they were lost.

Because of Oscar, the children, whose grandmother struggles to care for them along with 5 other grandchildren in the poverty stricken village, are getting an education, their best chance at leading a better life, at not following in their drug-addicted mother’s footsteps.

In the video below, while you may not understand what is being said, the language of love is universal, and Oscar speaks it.

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  1. Avatar Of Daniel



    Very nice story ! I would be nice if the post could send a reputable link where we can send a little help.

  2. Avatar Of Muriel Mitchell

    Muriel Mitchell


    I would like to contribute on the children’s behalf. How can I do this?

  3. Avatar Of Steed Stackhouse

    Steed Stackhouse


    I can’t believe the reporter actually mentioned the children getting a disease from the dog. That dog is probably cleaner than their mother. And a much better role model as well. She’s more reliable and cares for them more than anyone that was in that video.

  4. Avatar Of Cindi Fields

    Cindi Fields


    How can we send a care package to the kids and dog?

  5. Avatar Of Allana



    This is beautiful, but I’m in no way surprised! Their love is unconditional, so this dog would do everything in his power to live and protect! No doubt this dog would give his life if the wrong person were to have bad intentions for these kids!

    Thank you for sharing this, warms the heart!

  6. Avatar Of Jeff Dranetz Jeff Dranetz says:

    Forced perspective makes him as big as “Clifford, the Big Red Dog”!!! Maybe the kids will ride him like an elephant.

  7. Avatar Of E. Sullivan

    E. Sullivan


    Love Dogington Post, but that lead sentence/paragraph is so poorly written it means something entirely different from what the author intended. I desperately need a job. Do you need an editor? I could really help you, and I am already a huge fan of the Woof Post.

  8. Avatar Of Cary Norkus

    cary norkus


    dogs are amazing animals. we could all learn something from there loyalty and unconditional love.

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