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For a variety of reasons owners of dogs absolutely need to know the local and state laws concerning their responsibilities and potential liabilities because of the fact they own dogs. New laws are being added all the time to prevent people who own what “authorities” have termed as vicious breeds, from escaping unpunished should their dog bite an adult or child. These laws even apply to harming other dogs and pets. While in theory I agreed with many of these laws, occasionally non-dog owners have taken this too far. Let’s take a deeper look into this controversial issue below.

Let me state right up front that many aggressive breeds of dogs are owned by irresponsible people and others who use the dogs to protect their illegal activities. THESE are the ones who I believe should suffer the full extent of any vicious dog law. All other owners of dogs still need to know what can happen to them or their dog in the event the dog bites or attacks a person who is legally on their property.

Many states have vicious dog laws stating any person who is legally on your property can bring a lawsuit against you if your dog attacks them. These individuals include but are not limited to mailmen, delivery personnel, officers of the peace, and others who you have given permission to cross over onto your property.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Courtney S. Manuel

    Courtney S. Manuel


    Where can I get more info of dog against dog attacks in the state of Texas, my dog was attacked by a dog in our backyard. My dog has been in the animal hospital for 5 days and counting. The owner got to keep his dog and received 6 citations, I don’t know what they were though. Please help

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