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Kylie Jenner Investigated for Animal Neglect After Posting Video of Shockingly Thin Dog

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Via Instagram
via Instagram

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are no strangers to controversy, appearing on newsfeeds and television programs approximately 100% of any given time.

This time, it’s the youngest of the famous (for what, exactly?) sisters that’s making headlines – but not in a good way.

TMZ has reported that Kylie Jenner could be in the doghouse after video she posted of her dogs, a pair of Italian Greyhounds, prompted multiple complaints to LA County Animal Control calling for an investigation of possible neglect.

In the video Kylie posted to Instagram, her Italian Greyhound, Bambi, appears to be far too thin. While healthy “Iggy’s” are naturally very slender, such visible ribs and vertebrae are not normal.

At this time, no details of the investigation have been released.

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