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Louisiana Officer that Shot Dog Charged With Felony Animal Cruelty

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Arzy Kensington, A 14-Month-Old Labrador, Newfoundland, Golden Retriever Mix, Was Shot By An Officer With The Sulphur Police Department. That Officer Now Faces Felony Animal Cruelty Charges. Photo Credit Brandon Carpenter.
Arzy Kensington, a 14-month-old Labrador, Newfoundland, Golden Retriever mix, was shot by an officer with the Sulphur Police Department. That officer now faces felony animal cruelty charges. Photo credit Brandon Carpenter.

Last April, Sulphur, Louisiana police officer Brian Thierbach became the center of an investigation after he shot and killed a dog that was restrained. Yesterday that officer was charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty.

Brandon Carpenter, a traveling musician from Portland, Maine, along with his 14-month-old Newfoundland-Labrador-golden retriever mix, and his friend, Logan, had just arrived in Sulphur by train. Seeking shelter from the rain, the trio hopped into the back of an empty box truck in the parking lot of the Southwest Daily News newspaper.

About 10 minutes later, they were ordered by a police officer, at gunpoint, to get out. When the officer told Carpenter to secure his dog, he tied the 90-pound dog, named Arzy Kensington, to a nearby fence using the dog’s 4-foot leash.

The officer asked Carpenter if his dog was friendly and, according to an eyewitness, then approached the dog, whose tongue was out and tail wagging, and pet him for a few seconds.

About 20-seconds later, Carpenter, who was handcuffed and ordered on the ground, facing away from his dog, heard the fatal gunshot.

The officer claims that Arzy tried to attack him, but the witness, a newspaper employee that watched the entire incident unfold, says the dog simply playfully bumped into him. The witness explained to KPLC TV, ”The dog never growled or bared its teeth, never bit the officer.”

Carpenter and his friend were charged with vehicular trespassing and released a few hours later. Officer Thierbach resigned from his position in May.

The Bangor Daily News reported:

An internal affairs investigation into Thierbach’s actions found that he had violated the Sulphur Police Department’s policies and procedures regarding the use of force, personal conduct and behavior. Police Chief Louis Coats said in a news release issued in May that he was a dog lover and was deeply saddened by the incident, and that Thierbach’s resignation was accepted so the officers and community can heal and move forward.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the former officer. His bail has been set at $20,000.

Carpenter says he will remain in Sulphur until justice has been served and the officer has been tried and sentenced.

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  1. Avatar Of Carol Vincent

    Carol Vincent


    I am sick of scummy cops like this jerk. Keep him locked up for the rest of his life. R.I.P. another sweet and innocent animal victim. 🙁

  2. Avatar Of Carol Vincent

    Carol Vincent


    There are a lot of stupid scum bag, heartless cops who I cannot stand! Keep this jerk locked up the rest of his life. Another sweet, innocent animal victim.

  3. Avatar Of Yank Cops Are Mostly Scumbags

    Yank cops are mostly scumbags


    Death wish for the filthy oinker pig cop that shot this lovely dog.This vile uneducated corrupt,arsehole most definitely needs to be used a target practice and then spread of the garden as fertilzer. Most yank cops are trailer trash scumbags and I love it when I hear that one of these bastards has been killed as they deserve.

  4. Avatar Of Eva Hatch Eva Hatch says:

    I am an animal rights advocate….not just for dogs but for cows and chickens and pigs and geese and so on. I have seen the ugliest side of police officers for many years.

  5. Avatar Of Kim



    Too bad that this charge is an exception rather than a rule when it comes to the poor judgement of a public protection officer. As the mother of 2 police officers, I know that neither of them would do this. I would guess that his reaction in this situation is an example of his overall performance as a police officer. I applaud the charges and would like to see us work toward making this a standard rather than an exception.

    • Avatar Of Dr



      Public protections offixer? ROFL! That is NOT what police are or what police do, mommy…The courts have ruled that police “are agents of the state and have no legal obligation to protect citizens”. Thanks for the fairytale though…it was real sweet and all.

  6. Avatar Of Scott



    This is cold-blooded murder. Nothing less. IMO the trial should carry the same consequences as it would if he had murdered one of his own species.

    There is no difference.

  7. Avatar Of Gillian



    OK, so the men were “trespassing” on the back of the empty box truck because it was raining. I suppose that, in general, British police are better at this than the American because they would have just told them to leave. The whole scenario was an excessive use of force IMHO and unnecessary. I hope that they make an example of Thierbach as he abused his position as a policeman which is appalling as he is meant to be an example to the community. That is not one that I would like any child to learn. I would also get social services involved if he has access to children. Again, IMHO, Thierbach executed the dog because he could and to teach these people a lesson! I would add that I have seen stories of wonderful and kind policemen when dealing with animals but they appear to be outweighed by this kind of story.

  8. Avatar Of Johnny Craft

    Johnny craft


    He does need a psych evaluation. That would put him on the Feds no gun list and that would put him on the no badge list effectively ending any chance this individual has at every obtaining another position as a law enforcement officer. Anyone who would execute an innocent and obviously friendly animal has no business what so ever working as a peace officer or having a position of authority over the public.

    • Avatar Of Frances



      If he is convicted of a felony, it will be illegal for him to have any firearms. Sadly, chances are the DA will do a plea deal and it will be no more than a slap and the wrist and not the felony he was charged with.

  9. Avatar Of Mrs. Schooley

    Mrs. Schooley


    Great decision on the part of the Sulphur Police Department. I would visit your city strictly based on moral principle that there was justice for the innocent life lost at the hands of someone in authority. Also, I would feel justly secure, safe and protected knowing compassionate, honest, trust worthy individuals were serving the community I would be visiting. Thank you, from me, animal lovers and most of all from Arzy!!!

  10. Its about time an officer like this gets his due process. I hope he gets the MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Avatar Of Sam Potter

    Sam Potter


    It’s good to know this is being appropriately addressed by the department, although I think they could have acted more quickly. I certainly hope the officer does receive some jail time and – perhaps more importantly – a comprehensive psych evaluation. A man who (1) likes to be in a position of power, and (2) kills for no reason is a man to worry about.

  12. Avatar Of Corinne



    I hope this bastard goes away for a long time but he’ll probably beat it!

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