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The Lhasa Apso is a trendy breed of small, hardy dog that originated in Tibet. It belongs to the Non-sporting breed family which is popular for their distinguished personality and appearance. Lhasa Apso dogs have been bred to become watch dogs and companions. Their straight, double coat is dense and long all over their body, sometimes reaching even to the floor. Its colors usually come in cream, gold, honey, dark-grizzle, smoke, slate, as well as multiple colors of white, brown, and black.

Height and Weight

Both the male and female members of the Lhas Apso breed normally stand a height of about 10 to 11 in, and weigh approximately 13 to 15 lbs.


Lhasa ApsoLhasa Apsos, in general, are affectionate, friendly and devoted dogs, though can be rather jealous. They are typically assertive, lively, and spirited. The breed is known to be intelligent, and very obedient to their owners. Lhasa Apsos possess a very keen sense of hearing; making them excellent watch dogs. Because the breed is inclined to develop negative behaviors, proper leadership must be displayed by their handlers. Ample physical and mental activities also have to be provided to keep the Lhasa Apso pets stable-minded. In addition, proper socialization has to be done to keep them from becoming too suspicious or exceedingly defensive.


Because Lhasa Apsos are medium shedders, they relatively require high grooming care. This can be met by brushing them every day, or bathing them every week. Clipping and trimming their hair is also recommended to be done on a quarterly basis.

Health Concerns

Just like any other canine, Lhasa Apso dogs are also prone to suffer from several health complications. These commonly include skin allergies, kidney trouble, luxating patella, cataracts, and bladder stones. Nonetheless, with proper care, nutrition, and exercise, they can live for as long as 12 to 14 years.

Best Environment

Members of the Lhasa Apso breed can thrive well either in country home or living in an apartment. Because of their small size, space is not a problem. Nevertheless, owners must make it sure that the pet gets to receive adequate socialization. Lhasa Apsos love to snuggle and follow their masters outside. In addition, keeping their place cool is highly advisable since the breed tends to be intolerant to hot temperatures. In terms of exercise, the dog can simply stay at home and perform short walks  or some brief indoor games.




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