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Living With a Pomeranian

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The Pomeranian makes a wonderful pet for adults and children. These furry little dogs thrive in an environment of happiness and love and return these same fine qualities to those who bring a Pomeranian into their lives and home. They were first recognized as a breed by the AKC in 1888, so they are a well-known, well-established breed. They make both great companions and great show dogs.

The Pomeranian is very trainable so this is where all owners should begin when they decide on purchasing this breed of dog. It is important to begin your “Pom” training as soon as possible. Eight to ten weeks old is not too soon in the young pup’s life to begin training although it has to be simple and basic dog training at this early age. Starting with a puppy this young sets the table for the puppy to accept training as he or she grows into a young dog.

Housebreaking a Pomeranian is at times difficult because these are very intelligent dogs, but also have a stubborn side, so use patience and don’t give up. Due to their feisty nature a Pom is prone to showing less tolerance for children, especially if children tease or abuse the dog. If you have little kids instruct them their new dog is not a toy or plaything to be treated roughly and all should go well.

Unless you plan on breeding your Pom it is a good idea to have the dog spayed or neutered. This tempers their behavior and makes the dog much easier to deal with and will make the dog more accepting of strangers and other animals you may own.

As will all dogs it is very important to have all the required vaccinations done starting when the puppy is eight weeks old and then on the schedule you vet provides. Poms are expensive dogs to purchase and seeing that they are up to date with all shots is a wise thing to do not only for the health of the dog but as insurance on your investment.

Caring for a Pomeranian entails the behavior training so the dog listens to your commands, recognizes you are the ALPHA member of the family, and is properly socialized so friends can visit without fear of being bitten . These little dogs are quite vocal so teaching your dog to stay quiet is going to be a high priority as well. They do make good warning dogs because of their love to bark but this has to be tempered through training.

Owning a Pomeranian dog is a great choice for elderly people, those living in small homes, and for anyone who enjoys a smaller dog, so give the Pom consideration when looking for a new puppy.

Do you own a Pomeranian? Your comments are encouraged in the space below.

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  1. Avatar Of Ellie Davis Ellie Davis says:

    My husband and I are wanting to get a Pomeranian as our first pet. Thank you for suggesting that it is a good idea to get our dog fixed. I’ll have to look into finding the best place in my area to get this Pomeranian.

  2. Avatar Of Beth



    Minnie, my Pom is also bigger with a longer nose. Mr. Peebody is a full blooded Pom. He’s considered a Throwback Pom. That means he’s over 14 lbs but not due to being overweight. So yeah there are bigger Poms.

  3. Avatar Of Minnie



    Are there Pomeranians with a little bit longer nose ? my husband kept insisting that the Pomeranian that my son and his wife have is not pure bred because he is a little bigger than a regular pomeranian and the nose a little longer but I know he has a birth certificate because my son n his wife bought him from a breeder.Any comment anybody ?

  4. Avatar Of Minnie



    The best breed is a Pomeranian .We love Leo so much because not only he is intelligent but also so huggable. I feel like I am with a real child when we are visiting him . He gives us so much lov e in the family .

  5. Avatar Of B. Meredith

    B. Meredith


    The pom pictured is a Parti Pom. They come in orange and white, black and white and tri colored. Although it may be mistaken for a pap, it is a pom! Poms come in many colors, and all are excepted in the show ring.

  6. Avatar Of Hyacinth51



    I’ve never seen a pom who looked like this before. It looks like a Pap to me.

  7. Avatar Of Kalba



    As a Pomeranian I totally and completely reject this article.

    First, it doesn’t say just how awesome we are.

    Second, it doesn’t at all go into the importance of feeding your Pomeranian a healthy diet of snacks, snacks and more snacks.

    Being cute (and awesome) takes a lot of energy. And unless you feed us, the level of awesomeness starts to fade.

    So get your Pomeranian off to a good start.

    Feed them snacks often.

    Love and licks,


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