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Lost Dog Found Alone and Shaking Along East Boston River

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A dog that was wet, visibly shaking, and alone was found in an industrial park in East Boston, along the Chelsea River on Sunday, July 9.

Thankfully, the owner of the dog has been located and the two have been finally reunited.

The dog, which was a Chihuahua mix, had no collar and leash when he was discovered by a man working in the industrial park named Bryan Vasquez.

Talking to NBC Boston, Vasquez said, “Watching a dog suffer like that is painful.” He continued saying, “I feel bad if somebody dumped him, like for real.”

Vasquez said he wanted to comfort the dog but it tried to bite him. “I had a small blanket. I tried to get close to him, but he tried to bite me.”

He also added that the dog appeared to have one of his leg injured. “He was licking his leg. When he got up, he had one leg in the air,” Vasquez recalled.

When Vasquez realized he couldn’t save the dog alone, he called the City of Boston Animal Care and Control.

The dog was successfully taken by the animal control. And on Tuesday, the City of Boston Animal Care and Control posted an update on Facebook.

The animal control clarified that the dog was not abandoned and the owner has been located. The animal control explained, “He escaped a fenced-in area and ran off. He is a well-loved family member and his people were very happy to have him back.”

They also addressed the assumptions that the dog was abandoned and dumped by the owners. They said the comments are “extremely hurtful and unnecessary.”

“Negative comments on found or lost pet posts do nothing to help reunite owners and lost pets. If anything, they make reuniting pets with their owners even harder as owners fear they will be judged or get in trouble,” the animal control continued.

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