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Love Plants and Pets? How to Safely Share Your Home with Both

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Much like dog breeds, plant species are aplenty. And similar to pet parenting, caring for our plants can also be dizzying at times, leaving us asking ourselves everything from “Why are the leaves turning brown?” to “What’s bright indirect light?” and even the dreaded “Wait, can my dog chew on that?”


Turns out, we should be asking ourselves that last question quite a bit. Just like some household products, plants too can put our pets at risk. In fact, according to the ASPCA, plants are among the top ten household toxins that poison pets every year, accounting for six percent of all poison incidents. 

With Pet Poison Prevention month in full swing — and Poison Awareness Week on the brink, beginning March 16th — there’s no better time than now to evaluate how our plants and pets can live in the same space, worry-free. One of the easiest ways to achieve this isn’t to never have plants. Rather, it’s to narrow our purchases on pet-safe plants. Turns out, even this special subset of plants is still like dog breeds — there’s aplenty!

To weed out any toxicity, Honest Paws compiled a list of 50 pet-safe plants and excerpted a few of them in the infographic below. Scroll on and find your pet-friendly foliage, worry-free.

Infographic via HonestPaws.com

An Overview Of Pet-Safe Plants And The Human Health Benefits Of Owning Owning Both Plants And Pets, Courtesy Of Honest Paws

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