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VIDEO: Loyal Dog Makes 500-Mile Journey Home

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A 3-year old black Labrador named Bucky missed his owner so much, that he trekked 500 miles from Virginia to South Carolina to find him.

Last January, Bucky’s owner Mark Wessells had to make the unfortunate decision to give his beloved dog to his father in Virginia, as dogs were no longer allowed in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina home where he lived.

But, apparently Bucky wasn’t OK with the new living arrangements, and took it upon himself to get back home.

WPDE News Channel 15 reported,

Two weeks ago he was taken in by a family in Carolina Forest. The temporary owner brought him to Grand Strand Animal Hospital where they discovered a microchip. They called Wessells to let him know they had Bucky.

“I thought I was going to cry, but I didn’t. He definitely recognized me instantly,” he adds. “It’s just crazy he made it down here on his own. You know it’s like Homeward Bound is what I’m thinking.”

Exactly how Bucky managed to travel the 500 miles on his own remains a mystery.

Like any news story, there are a few lessons to be learned through Bucky’s adventure. First, microchip your dogs. Microchipping is the best way to ensure that if your dog is lost, you can be reunited. And second, a dog is a lifelong commitment.

While most dogs wouldn’t make the trip that Bucky made, we certainly wish Mark had considered his dog when planning his own living arrangements. Bucky is lucky to have survived such a long trip on his own.

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  1. Avatar Of Carla



    I’m Mark’s mom and I’d like to clarify a couple of things. First, Mark was a loving pet owner and I ensured that his puppy was micro-chipped when he received his shots and rabies vaccination, etc. He was not in the best living conditions when Mark brought him to me, and despite the rule against owning a dog in the condo where my son and I lived, I agreed that we’d take our chances and took him in. For over a year and a half all was well, then a new owner came in and started to cause a stir. The best TEMPORARY solution was to take Bucky to a place where Mark believed he’d be taken care of – his dad’s house in the mountains of Virginia. Mark even sent money for Bucky’s care to his dad. Today Bucky is happy, content and clearly knows he is home. Home is now a 4 bedroom house on 1/2 acre in a nice subdivision with friendly neighbors less than 3 miles to the ocean Bucky so loves to play in.

  2. Avatar Of Mariah



    Nice story but you should never get a dog unless you’re going to commit to it and not give it up. I would NEVER give up one of my dogs even if it meant I would be homeless.

  3. Avatar Of Patty



    Sad he gave HIS dog away.. a dog is life long.. I fear for the dog..where is it now.. and is the dog safe so that this person will never give it away again?? Is something else missing from this story??

  4. Avatar Of Vicki Gramm

    Vicki Gramm


    Glad the reunion was joyous and that the dog made it okay, but a couple of questions:
    1. Why would you get a dog and instead of looking for living arrangements that include your (whole) family – give him away (even to a family member)?
    2. Did his father even call him to say the dog had went missing? Did he know?

    Just all around issues with this situation. Then again, I have issues with anyone that can just give up a dog. Oh, and not cry when you heard he was ok? Certainly not human!

  5. Avatar Of Paula



    my question is this …great the dog found his owner..nothing has changed..the owner still can’t have a dog there…so where is the dog

  6. Avatar Of Linda Lewis linda lewis says:

    all my life i have been blessed to have precious animals they showed me how to love and be loved.they are a gift from God.my peke is my treasure.

  7. Avatar Of Kaye



    The love of a dog to its owner will never be understood. What dog owners should know is that when you give a dog the opportunity to be a part of your life, that dog will ALWAYS be a part of yours. Love given is love returned. And that is a truth in life ….
    Never shown with more faithfulness than through an animal ….

  8. Avatar Of Laura W laura w says:

    i think people who abuse animals should be put in jail for a while and not allowed to own a dog or any animal what did that dog do to desreve the treatment it got from someone who was suppose to love animals and didnt would the person who did this like it done to themi think not why do people get pet if there going to abuse them ? i have no use for these people they make me sick who mistreat animals

    • Avatar Of Mare



      Where did you get that this story was about animal abuse?

    • Avatar Of Chibiokamiko



      laura w – I think you are commenting on the wrong article or something, this one is a heartwarming tale of a dog taking it upon itself to return to it’s owner. He wasn’t stolen or abused, just sent to another member of the same family who lived in a place where the dog could stay.

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