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Mail Carrier Caught on Camera Pepper Spraying Fenced Dog

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A Los Angeles mail carrier was caught on camera pepper spraying a dog safely secured behind a fence.

Surveillance video footage outside an LA home contradicts a mail carrier’s account of events after she pepper sprayed a family dog that was safely restrained behind an iron fence.

The postal worker claimed Coco, the family’s Husky, tried to jump over the fence and bite her mail bag. But, security camera footage shows Coco calmly, even happily greeting the mail carrier, her tail wagging, making no attempt to escape or bite the carrier.

Coco was not permanently injured by the pepper spray, but is forced to wear a cone to prevent rubbing and further irritating her face after being sprayed.

The United States Postal Service apologized for the incident and said action will be taken against the mail carrier.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Jan Jan says:

    When will idiots learn that there are now cameras everywhere? And doesn’t that make a better world?

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