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Mailman Caught on Tape Pepper Spraying Dogs Through Fence

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Mailman Caught On Tape Pepper Spraying Dogs Through Fence The Dogington Post

A northwest Houston mail carrier is under internal investigation after home surveillance captured video of him pepper spraying a family’s three small dogs while making a mail delivery.

The Cruz family’s three lap dogs were outside when the postal worker approached. Naturally, they began barking and jumping at the fence, a thick, heavy metal fence that Jose Cruz himself built both to keep intruders out and to keep his dogs safely inside.

The family’s mailbox is outside of the gate and, at no point during the delivery, were the dogs a threat to the postal worker.

“They’re little dogs behind the fence. They don’t deserve that. Just put the mail in and go to the next house,” said Cruz.

When Linda Cruz complained to her local post office after discovering her dogs had been pepper sprayed and were unable to open their eyes for three days, the post office didn’t even ask for her name or address. So, Linda contacted Houston’s ABC13 News for help.

ABC13 investigative reporters were finally able to get the U.S. Postal Service’s attention.

In response, the Postal Service sent this statement:

“The Postal Service takes the issue of dog bite prevention very seriously. Local postal officials are conducting an investigation and will take appropriate action, as needed, pending the results.”

While the family are hoping for appropriate disciplinary action, they say they don’t want their postal worker fired, but they do want an apology and to prevent future incidents to their’s and other dogs on his delivery route.

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  1. Avatar Of Karma



    That asshole SHOULD BE fired immediately! Pepper spray? Seriously?!! That’s to be used on a person attacking ypu, not some defenseless animals! I’d love to spray the eyes of that piece of useless trash of a mailman. Worthless sub-human.
    Bad Karma to you now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar Of Sc Herr

    SC Herr


    Those poor little dogs did not deserve to be sprayed by the mail carrier. There was no way those dogs could have bitten that man and I agree with the owner that the man just doesn’t like dogs. The man deserves to be penalized for his actions and make some sort of restitution to the family for the care of those dogs. Sorry piece of humanity!

  3. Avatar Of Max



    People who are cruel to animals will do the same to people.

  4. Avatar Of Pam Gray

    Pam gray


    Should be fired, this is animal abuse , cruel evil person

  5. Avatar Of Rie A

    Rie A


    what an asshole the mailman is charge him the dogs were behind a gate ASSHOLE he needs to lose his job

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