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Make the Backyard a Blast With These Fun Outdoor Dog Toys

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The backyard doesn’t have to be boring! With an assortment of fun and unique outdoor dog toys, your dog can have a blast in the backyard!

Outdoor Dog Toys

Dogs and toys go hand in hand (or is that paw in paw?). From chew toys to squeaky toys, and plush to puzzles, there are literally thousands of different toys to keep your canine companions entertained. Though some toys are best kept indoors and away from dirt, mud, and the elements, in this article we’ll explore the fun and exciting world of outdoor dog toys!

Lawn Games for Dogs

Most pet parents will remember playing classic lawn games in the backyard as a kid. Now, you can relive those fun memories with lawn games for your dog! From lawn darts and badminton, to wapple ball, horseshoes, and jacks, Kurgo’s collection of Classic Lawn Games are dog-safe versions of the games you know and love. Best of all, they’re durable enough for chewing and fetching, easy to wash, stand up to the elements, and they even float for added fun.

Glow-in-the-Dark Toys

Outdoor Dog Toys

Backyard playtime doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down! Thanks to glow-in-the-dark and light-up dog toys, playing outdoors can be fun after dark, too. Frisbees and flying discs that glow and balls of all shapes and sizes that light up in the night sky add a whole new element of fun to backyard play. Your dog will love the huge assortment of Chuckit Max Glow toys for nighttime fun!

Fetching & Retrieving Toys

Because of their natural prey drive, most dogs love to chase, fetch, and retrieve at playtime. Fetch toys usually consist of balls, throwing discs, bumper toys, or other dog-safe toys that can be thrown or launched across the lawn. Luckily, there’s plenty of room to run and retrieve in your own backyard and ball launchers, like those from Hyper Pet, or slingshot toys make it easy to really get some distance and exercise your dog.

Outdoor Dog Toys

Backyard Agility

Backyard agility courses provide some of the most fun you and your dog can have at home! Not only are they safer and fun, backyard courses give your dog an opportunity to explore new stimuli, solve problems, and get some beneficial exercise. Plus, agility courses can be scaled and tailored for dogs of all ages, shapes, sizes, and breeds. While you can purchase ramps, jumps, and weave poles separately, a complete backyard agility kit will make setting up your course quick, easy, and affordable!

There are many different ways to create an obstacle course, including picking up a backyard agility kit that includes all the basics or purchasing each of these items individually. But if you’re like many people, the cost to buy a slew of new equipment can be prohibitive.  No worries, we’ve got some inexpensive ways to build your own ramps, jumps and weave poles in this article, How to Build Your Own Backyard Agility Course!

Water Toys

Outdoor Dog Toys

If your dog loves the water, few things are more fun than playing in the pool with your pup. For water-loving dogs, there are plenty of pool toys and floating toys available. When shopping for these types of toys, make sure you select one that’s made especially for the water and won’t mold or support bacterial growth.

Always remember safety first when playing outdoors with your dog! In addition to selecting toys that are made especially for outdoor play, make sure your dog has access to fresh, cool water at all times and watch closely for signs of overheating or exhaustion, being careful to take breaks and rest as needed.

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Outdoor Dog Toys
The backyard doesn’t have to be boring! With an assortment of fun and unique outdoor dog toys, your dog can have a blast in the backyard!

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