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Man Arrested While Rushing to Take Injured Dog to the Hospital

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A Massachusetts man promised to do anything to save his dog – and he meant it. Last week, fulfilling that promise meant being arrested. And, he has absolutely no regrets.


Peter Rogaishio was outside his Holliston, Massachusetts home when the unthinkable happened. The family’s beloved Doberman, Thor ran into the street and was struck and run over by two separate vehicles.

“I heard a big bang and then a few seconds later I heard a howl that just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up,” Rogaishio told Boston25 News. “He was lying on the street, so I dragged him off to the side of the street and called 911.”

Holliston Police arrived on the scene and tried to find a way to get Thor some help. But, more than 30 minutes later, the beloved pup was still there, broken and bleeding on the side of the road.

In a desperate effort to save Thor’s life, Rogaishio loaded the injured dog into the backseat of his truck and rushed to the animal hospital.

Eventually a Natick Police officer witnessed Rogaishio driving aggressively, speeding and illegally passing other vehicles on the road and attempted to pull him over. Police chased the determined dog owner for more than a mile, eventually setting up a roadblock to stop the unknown driver.

When he finally stopped, police approached him, guns drawn, and arrested him on the spot. But, thankfully, an officer saw Thor in the backseat of the truck and took him to an animal hospital while Rogaishio was taken to jail.

Although he suffered three broken legs and is battered and bruised from the ordeal, Thor is expected to survive.

Rogaishio has since been released from jail and said he has no regrets – he did what he had to do to save his dog.

“He’s such a good dog, a loving dog. I would do anything to save him,” said Rogaishio. “We got him at two months old and that’s all we have. He’s just a delight. He’s a joy to my heart. He’s my everything.”

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