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Man Blows Up Family Dog, Not Charged With Animal Cruelty

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A gorgeous Labrador Retriever is dead, the man responsible sitting in jail – but animal cruelty is NOT one of his charges. Why?

A Washington State man is facing jail time and a slew of criminal charges after tying an explosive to the family dog’s neck and igniting it, killing the defenseless animal.

Christopher W. Dillingham, 45, was charged with reckless endangerment and possession of an explosive device. One charge glaringly missing from the list – animal cruelty.

Police were dispatched to the Dillingham home around 4am on Sunday, after several neighbors reported hearing what sounded like an explosion or a high-powered rifle being fired. When they arrived, police found the Labrador Retriever, named Cabela, dead, her body parts strewn across the yard.

So, why no animal cruelty charges?

Undersheriff Dave Cox told KATU News that Dillingham wasn’t charged with animal cruelty because the “death [to Cabela] was instantaneous.”

The disregard for Cabela’s life is both shocking and infuriating. While Dillingham sits in jail, his bond set at $500,000, an entire community is mourning the tragic, senseless killing of a beautiful life, for which no one will be charged.

This case exemplifies both the need for stricter animal cruelty laws in Washington State, and the need to remove animals from the “gray area” of the law, where they sit squarely between being just a person’s personal property and a living, breathing, feeling being.

Rest in peace, Cabela.

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  1. Avatar Of Celia



    This is absolutely outrageous! The only thing I can conclude is that when this sick animal(he is NOT a man!)does this to a human the same brainless idiots that decided it wasn’t cruelty would rule the same. It amazes me that there are creatures out there that we call human’s who could do such evil as well as think it wasn’t cruelty. If any of you live in that town, you need to get out before you and your children are “humanely blown to smithereens” by scum!

  2. Avatar Of Lee77



    “… an entire community is mourning the tragic, senseless killing of a beautiful life, for which no one will be charged.”

    Get real! The “entire community” is concerned that the idiot endangered everyone and everything in the neighborhood. No one is “mourning” the loss of the freaking dog!

  3. Avatar Of Joe Mana

    joe mana


    so… anyone got pics?

  4. Avatar Of Anthony Fazzani

    Anthony Fazzani


    It’s sad but its a good thing he only did this to a dog. He could have chosen to do something to his family or another peron. He’s clearly nuts and needs to be locked up.

  5. Avatar Of Vikki S

    vikki s


    what a fuckin ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope someone rips his nuts off and show them to him and shove them down his thoart and he dies a slow painful death…rot in hell u idiot!!!!!

  6. Avatar Of Marie



    i have tears in my eyes…how can some sick bastard do this to a poor innocent animal….KARMA…may he rot in hell

  7. Avatar Of Ruth Kukaska

    Ruth Kukaska


    This is way the world is the way it is today, sick bastard.

  8. Avatar Of Mary Mary says:

    My heart breaks for this precious dog! Just like some folks don’t need children…some folks don’t need dogs!!

  9. Avatar Of Mary Banik

    Mary Banik


    They say people who do this kind of things to animals are likely to go further and do it to people. So I don’t understand why they do not feel like there is a significant need for stricter laws concerning animal abuse. I bet they’d charge me or anyone else if we were to shoot him square in the brain so he died instantly, with no pain. This Bastard is definitely no better than the lowliest of animals. Of course I wouldn’t want him to die instantly, I’d want the MFer to die in an agonizingly slow painful death. When are the lawmakers going to wake and wise up?

  10. Avatar Of Karen Dickson

    Karen Dickson


    Bring him to an animal welfare event and let us have our way with him!

  11. Avatar Of Terri Ogburn

    Terri Ogburn


    Ohio’s animal laws are no better. There need to be extremely tough Federal laws so there has to be severe punishment! They are family and need protection as such. I’ll be happy to fly there for some quality time with the bastard! Several cuts and order for bleach every so often then leave to infection so he knows suffering.

  12. Avatar Of Paula



    I hope you have heard of KARMA because that is what is going to happen to you. You won’t know when, where or how but I hope that it is in jail at the hands of a big guy and he does such a number on you that you wish that you had put that explosive device around your neck…you are a poor excuse for a human…I hope that if you get out that everyone knows who you are and you get harassed everywhere you go. Cabela did not deserve what you did, if you didn’t want cabela you should have turned her over to animal control…remember KARMA is a bitch

  13. Avatar Of Tiffany



    So- if you kill an animal and that animal dies “instantaneously” you can’t be charged with cruelty? What if that was a person? Would the same thing apply? What is to keep this guy from advancing to children and other people and doing the same thing? You can get jail time for dog-fighting. I think this is a lot worse. He should get a LOT of jail time for this.

    • Avatar Of Lee77



      I cannot believe a person of normal intelligence would make such a ridiculous comment! Killing a human being is murder! If killing an animal were illegal, we would all starve to death because all those people in slaughterhouses who kill chickens, pigs, chows, etc. would be in jail! Just because someone kills an animal doesn’t mean he/she is going to “advance” to killing humans — this ridiculous idea was disproven long ago!

  14. Avatar Of Cindy Rohrick

    Cindy Rohrick


    What the hell is wrong with law enforcement there? If you kill a person, do they not charge you for it, if the person died immediately? They’re as bad as this guy.

  15. Avatar Of Nicole



    You SICK asshole. I hope you rot in hell

  16. Avatar Of Ken



    The senseless murder of an innocent animal, regardless of it torture is involved, should be considered animal cruelty…no doubt about it. I have 5 rescue cats and 2 rescue dogs, and would defend them with my life. People like this do indeed deserve to be punished by laws that fit the crime. However, creating laws that treat animals with the same level of expectations, liability, and legal rights as humans is not only dangerous, but foolish. Animals (ie. pets) ARE property. And should remain as such. Our rights to defend our property are critical to a human’s ability to provide, care, and give sanctuary to our pets. The distinction between animal and human does not need to be blurred any more than the difference between man and machine does. Doing so does not raise a dog, or a computer, up from their current state…..it only diminishes that of human beings. Let’s fix the laws so that this guy pays for what he did to the dog, in addition to his other charges. But let’s keep it logical and avoid emotional calls for giving “human rights” to animals. They’re call “human rights” for a reason.

  17. Avatar Of Lynne



    When this piece of garbage gets out, he will most likely do it again. I just lost all respect for the Washinton State justice system and the way it takes care of it’s animals

  18. Avatar Of Vicki



    Not just in the state of Washington… EVERYWHERE!! These beautiful creatures rely on the human race to love and protect them, just like a child. unfortunately there are despicable beings like this individual that not only exists but that also have the love and trust of beautiful dog, cat, whatever it may be. What would compel anyone to inflict such a horrific act on any living creature is beyond me. But I believe in an eye for an eye, he will be judged and he will pay the price. Cabela has crossed rainbow bridge and has been greeted by all the beautiful animals we’ve loved and lost… she too now has the family she always deserved

  19. Avatar Of Ruth



    What can we do to change laws? I would like to be active in the process to put vicious people like this in prison.

  20. Avatar Of Margaret Robitaille

    Margaret Robitaille


    I can’t believe it’s not cruelty to animals! He must of been cruel to him prior to this! I hope someone kicks the shit out of him in jail! I feel so bad for the original owner. that poor dog.

  21. Avatar Of Naomi Offner

    Naomi Offner


    Horrible, horrible, horrible! I agree the punishment should fit the crime! That poor dog, it may have been quick, but still undeserved. I think he needs the same treatment for sure.

  22. Avatar Of Robin In Vermont

    Robin in Vermont


    Sorry – it’s HER ! Cabela!

  23. Avatar Of Robin In Vermont

    Robin in Vermont


    Isn’t this a great opportunity in a high profile and highly publicized incident, one of thousands, to take a stand together to DEMAND tougher laws in every single State? Let this poor baby boy have some honor and be remembered by having his story save thousands of future dogs from torture because the laws are tougher so people MIGHT think twice? And if caught the criminals actually get a federally mandated felony punishment? I have been urging our community of animal advocates to talk to their local political candidates to see where they stand on the issue and how they are going to help BEFORE getting my vote! Where is this boy’s Petition for Justice and Facebook dedicated Facebook page? PS – shame on that Judge-

  24. Avatar Of Terry Marange

    Terry Marange


    Makes me want to go take my anger out on the next random s.o.b. i see that even looks like he or she could be cruel to an animal!!! UGH!!!

  25. Avatar Of Nico



    Set off a tiny explosive in his ass so he doesn’t go out instantaneous. Let him screech and cry about it. Then it’s Django Unchained! Have Marshall’s bitches tear his ass up

  26. Avatar Of Elisa Logan Elisa Logan says:

    I’d like to write exactly what I think of this man and the horrible torture I’d like to impose on HIM.
    However that wouldn’t help victims of animal cruelty at all. The laws simply need to get harsher against those who torture and abuse animals. Animals need rights. We buy them, adopt them, we are responsible for them. Enough of letting abusers get away with torture! Say by the way, isn’t this what
    women have been asking of legislatures for decades. Why is it that women are still being tortured, raped, and killed and their abusers still get away with their crimes?

  27. Avatar Of Gypsy Soreon

    gypsy soreon


    this is the problem, animals are not considered living beings, they are considered property and until our lawmakers get their heads out of their asses and make some changes, this is how it is going to be. making threats against that lowlife will not change things. demand from the people we ELECT to make changes. i have 4 rescues and if anyone hurt one of my furbabies i promise you there would be no trial.i write to my reps. once a month to change the animal cruelty laws. i am only one person if all the animal lovers stood up and made our voices heard things might change. i can only hope anyway

  28. Avatar Of Tammie Case

    Tammie Case


    I have worked as an Animal Control Officer for 14 yrs and I understand the obstacles the law officials are facing. I have seen a lot and this breaks my heart. I pray they find a way to prosecute him for what he did to this poor guy!

  29. Avatar Of Marie Dimari

    marie dimari


    I hope you get yours…….karma is waiting for you….and the police didn’t have enough common sense to issue an arrest for animal cruelty…..well I guess you guys are going to be busy with animal activists for the next few weeks…serves you right!

  30. Avatar Of Mary Ellen Pollock

    Mary Ellen Pollock


    What the hell is wrong with this freak. I hope there is some jailhouse justice waiting for him.

  31. Avatar Of Kim Morse

    kim morse


    Someone should put a bomb around his neck and blow his ass all the way to hell. Hope he gets his.

  32. Avatar Of Nancy F

    Nancy F


    Best thing that could happen is if Animal Rights Activists visit Washington State and explain very nicely that if something isn’t done about this freak, that they will then start a campaign to boycott the state thru tourism. They did that in Puerto Rico and it worked very well. PR lost millions in tourism revenue until they got a animal cruelty law on the books and arrested a man for abuse of a horse. It does work. There are tourists that would not visit a state that won’t do something about their freaks. I’m one! If he did this to a poor defenseless dog, what does he do to his kids? I have a sure fire way to cure this type of behavioral problem with people. Problem is they won’t let me show them. Guaranteed!

  33. Avatar Of Barbara Mills

    Barbara Mills


    What type of women gives birth to a waste of space like this. May he rot in hell. Karma, never fails to come around and collect what is owed and so please let that be this case with this waste of valuable oxygen. Have to call him an “it”, because that truly si all he is, just an “it”. get rid of it.

  34. Avatar Of John Somers John Somers says:

    There is one saving GRACE here.
    Cabela is waiting at the “Rainbow Bridge” with all the other unfortunate animals that have been abused and died.
    The saving grace is that every single day a human animal lover dies and also crosses that bridge to get to the Golden Gates, and he or she takes all those animals with them.

  35. Avatar Of Cilla Cilla says:

    BLOW HIM UP!!!!!

  36. YES do the same to him and more deball him and tie him to a tree and tar and feather he is a sick fucker.

  37. If he is not charged for the death of the Dog. Please let me have the Dog Killer. Because if he can get off for killing an Innocent Dog. Then when I kill asshole Dillingham , I will be innocent . WHY????? Because there will be so much explosive around his fricking neck, that he will be killed as soon as the explosion is activated. And he will not feel anything. That’s what he said about the Poor Dog. And that will be the same thins said about this worthless piece od s**t.

  38. Avatar Of D Tarnowicz

    D Tarnowicz


    I’m with you Michelle, same thing just happened in Missouri, a man held a cat carrier underwater in a lake until the cat died…………in front of neighborhood children, no less. No charges, he can kill his own animal if he wants. There has to be some kind of legislation to make them responsible for their actions……I’ll sign a petition.

  39. Avatar Of Dj



    I didn’t read any comments because I am sure they are like mine – Let him have the same “instantaneous” death as Cabela’s …. somehow someone HAS to make sure this loophole in the law is closed ….

  40. Avatar Of Nancy Carron

    nancy carron


    You asshole!!I hope you rot in hell.Sickass!! WHY WHY WHY??

  41. Avatar Of Jeline Equi

    jeline equi


    eye for an eye…. and I think the testicles are a good choice. the only difference here is this scum bag will know its coming…

  42. Avatar Of Michelle Kuemmet

    Michelle Kuemmet


    I’m wondering about maybe starting a petition to get him charged with more something more.

    • Avatar Of Tara



      Does anyone know how we can start a petition?

    • Avatar Of Barbara Abrams

      Barbara Abrams


      PLEASE let me know if there is a petition I can sign to have this man properly punished. I’m in shock. What about the family? Does this excuse for a human even have a family. How could they allow such treatment to the poor pup. He didn’t just wake up one day and blow up the dog. He must have mistreated it before killing him. Why do people like this even get the privilege of having a loving pet. OMG! I can’t stand it. A bullet to the brain would be too kind for this guy. Rot in Hell you prick!!!!

  43. Avatar Of Steve Juszczak

    Steve Juszczak


    Give him to me …. I can promise he will never do that again

  44. Avatar Of Queen Latifah (Not)

    Queen Latifah (Not)


    So you can intentionally, pre-meditate and blow up an animal and because it came apart in pieces and did not linger and die this is humane? and no charges? OMG he should never own another animal in his life and what this story left out is he did this act in front of his daughter so yes people this devil actually has a child and did this is front of her I dont know if it was a punishment for her one will never know what is the mind of someone that has to be psychotic to do this. Wow he is 45 too! He looks 85 and hopefully will die a miserable death however probably will live forever to be evil and get away with it his smirk does not show any remorse- he should be ordered to pick up dog shit for the rest of his miserable existence.

  45. Avatar Of Dina Fothergill

    Dina Fothergill


    ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!! Jerk his fireworks / license…..The wife and kids will probably be next …What a piece of crap….Now when a dog is abused and dies, is someone supposed to time how long it took. FOLKS ITS JUST COMMON SENSE ….ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!! SHOULD BE A FELONY! CUT & DRIED…..People call your representives…..Remember next time they all run for office…..CHANGE THE LAWS…..Your child could be next……THIS GUY IS SICK !!!!!!! DON’T LET THIS BEAUTIFUL DOG! DIE THIS WAY,FOR NOTHING…..GOD BLESS CABELA! SHE PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE!!!!!!!!

  46. Avatar Of John



    He is gonna get his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Avatar Of Monica Gaudet

    Monica Gaudet


    This inhumane act must not go unpunished, unnoticed and everything possible should be thrown at him. At some point, someone must set an example to show others that acts of this nature, cannot and will not be accepted. What will it take? How many more defenseless animals must be abused, hurt, maimed, or killed before stiffer penalties are set and people do time for it?

    This is when I lose faith in humanity and the drive to help our four-legged family members is stronger than ever.

  48. Avatar Of Cheryl Eitnier

    Cheryl Eitnier


    What a poor excuse for human being, and what in the hell is wrong with our justice system>

  49. Avatar Of Scharlee Hackett

    scharlee hackett


    So sick. Blow him up!!!!!

  50. Avatar Of Bob R

    Bob R


    Well the law makes it simple then, I can tie some C-4 to this a–holes neck, and it wouldn’t be considered cruelty. Where can I find him??

  51. Avatar Of Tina Diedrichsen

    Tina Diedrichsen


    Horrible!!!Just horrible!!If it’s not cruelty to animals, then lets put explosives around this jerks neck and blow him up!! We don’t need this worthless “bleep” alive to harm more animals. When are they going to take these crimes seriously??He is a worthless piece of shit that needs to pay for his crime!

  52. Avatar Of Dawn



    This man is sick..and will walk free and still able to by a gun, no doubt,
    which he can use next time on a human being. He obviously has no respect for life of any kind. So much for using mental health screening instead of gun control laws. If this had been a teenager they would be in juvenile detention, being evaluated for a tendency to harm others. Killing animals is the first step for a psychopath.

  53. Avatar Of David Moore

    David Moore


    Sounds like it’s high time we rewrote our animal cruelty laws–perhaps this heartless monster might have been put away for longer…

  54. Avatar Of Beth Gillespie

    Beth Gillespie


    This is very heartbreaking, animals have feelings. This poor dog had to be scared be on beliefOne of my dogs is afraid of loud noises and things being near his face due to the life someone put him through before I adopted him from the shelter I work at. He has scars that remind me that someone was cruel to him. How could anyone look into those deep brown eyes and commit such an act of violence. The swath may have been instantaneous but what that poor dog went through before the explosive went off had ro be horriic! This is how serial killers start the behavior! Do we let it become someone’s child? There is already a history of violence. Animals should be protected in actions in this manner! People need to stand up and fight for thier fur family members. Never would this man get away with doing this to one of mine. People need to speak out and show thier disgust for this behavior. RIP Cabela! You are one of GOD’S ANGELS!

  55. Avatar Of Yvonne



    im am in total shock !!!!! this guy needs to be treated just like he treated that beautiful dog !!! let me be judge ….

  56. Avatar Of Taxilab



    How can this not be animal cruelty? That is so ignorant! This absolutely beautiful lab did suffer…he died! This breaks my heart. I really hope this man has a cold, miserable, depressing life before he rots in hell. Evil bastard!!

  57. Avatar Of Karen



    To call this guy an animal would be an insult to all animals, he is a lowlife scum! Hope they make an example out of him and give him the stiffest sentencing with jail time. Get him where it hurts, everyone boycott his firework business,the Thunder Shack, don’t hire him to put on any firework display shows and put this guy out of work! What is this lunatic doing with explosives in the first place?

  58. Avatar Of May Parker

    May Parker


    what is to say he won’t blow up something else…Seems to me a Red Flag should be on him!!
    This is one sick person!

  59. Avatar Of Victoria



    Instantaneous or not how do the police know if she felt pain while having a lit explosive tied to her neck!? I’m sure there were sparks in her face or she felt the heat and pain! Disgusting I really hope some animal activists stand up and make the judge press animal cruelty charges! Unreal!

  60. Avatar Of Nicole K

    Nicole K


    If this man is capable of doing this to a dog, what do you think he’s capable of doing to human beings? Jail isn’t befitting. Perhaps someone will tie some explosives to his neck and light him on fire…? I’m rooting for no charges, as I’m guessing his death would be, “Instantaneous”.

  61. Avatar Of Jc



    Anyone that can kill a helpless, loving, animal would have no problem killing another human being. Animals are living, breathing, caring, intelligent, trusting but defenceless and reliant on their humans. Rip Cabela. Dear Lord may this man get his just reward and may the justice system change quickly to help protect animals.

  62. Avatar Of Sharon



    Undersheriff Dave Cox told KATU News that Dillingham wasn’t charged with animal cruelty because the “death [to Cabela] was instantaneous.”

    Why is Dave Cox even in a position of authority? He’s obviously a pinhead without any kind of compassion nor knowledge of the law. Speaking of that…

    What’s wrong with the prosecutors? I called and got the ‘we’re looking into it’ runaround. EXCUSE ME!!! He blew up his dog!!! What do you need to look into?

    He’s has a record of domestic violence and now animal cruelty (probably a long record, unknown before now). They go hand in hand. He’s a DANGER to everyone he comes into contact with, especially those he lives with. Too bad there’s no death penalty for blowing up your dog.

  63. Avatar Of Paula Kinney

    Paula Kinney


    He needs the same done to him!!!!

  64. Avatar Of Christina Lamphier

    Christina Lamphier


    This was not only animal cruelty it was Domestic Violence!! Child Endangerment, even if the children weren’t watching, to know what happened to their dog and missing a beloved pet can cause trauma.. Also I’d have Children’a Welfare check out the children, if this father is so deranged to blow up the family dog what has he been doing to his family..

  65. Avatar Of Cinderz



    I just do not and cannot understand this level of cruelty. I believe there is a special place in hell for people that abuse children and animals. I pray that some day very soon that laws fully recognize the depraved mind necessary to do these horrifying acts and inflicts strict and strong penalties for them. Rest peaceful beautiful Cabela…

  66. Avatar Of Ann Newbauer

    Ann Newbauer


    So an obvious pre-meditated intentional killing of a defenseless dog by blowing it up does not qualify as cruel ??? No wonder our society is in such a state of violence …. and the laws are too weak therefore NO accountability !!!!!!!!!

  67. Avatar Of Cls



    What an extreme loser…what a beautiful animal to do such a cruel thing too…let’s tie explosives to his neck and do the same to him!!!!! I do not know how anyone could be so cruel to kids and/or animals…they are defenseless!!!!

  68. Avatar Of Joni Pickering

    Joni Pickering


    This brings me to tears. My hope for him is while he is jailed his fellow inmates find out what he did and use their own form of justice on him. Dear God, an eye for an eye seems just. AMEN

    • Avatar Of Juliann Valencia

      Juliann Valencia


      Oh I am sure they will and then some. He is nothing but a punk bitch who needs the fucking crap beat right out of him.

      • Avatar Of John Somers John Somers says:

        I can picture all the cons in the prison saying, “LOOK GUYS,
        A NEW BOY TOY” also known as “FRESH MEAT”.
        He’s going to be VERY POPULAR there.

  69. Avatar Of B. Skinner

    B. Skinner


    This is what’s wrong the world! If a person is murdered and died instantly, it does not release the
    Person responsible for killing them. Therefore no one should ever be not held responsible because a animal died instantly. Just tell all animal abusers it’s OK as long as they die instantly!!!!! Then move on to people because most who harm animals will in time harm humans as well…. This is so wrong!

  70. Avatar Of N. Crawford

    N. Crawford


    “Dead eyed MONSTER!” He needs to do time for killing a poor, innocent pup! He will do this to a child the next time!!!

  71. Avatar Of Shelli



    What kind of treatment did the poor Cabela receive prior to her death. He has a history of family domestic abuse. Ask the family members, please did he abuse the dog…This is sick that he not be charged, Christopher is not HUMANE, he does not deserve to be allowed back into society, what will he do next and to whom.

  72. Avatar Of Leslye



    I agree with Pam…an eye for an eye. Miserable human, definitely not a MAN!

  73. Avatar Of Angela



    Do the same to the SOB!

    • Avatar Of Sondra



      No! Don’t tie explosives around his neck! Take out the family jewels. Let him SEE the explosive tied around his parts. But don’t let it kill him, just maim.

  74. Avatar Of Shawn



    I say bull crap, do the same thing to that idiot

  75. Avatar Of Toni Woods

    Toni Woods


    When he walks free and his next victim is a child will you hold him accountable then?

  76. Avatar Of Toni



    He looks like the low life he is! Am so hoping he cannot make bail…he deserves to rot!

  77. Avatar Of Pam P

    Pam P


    I cannot believe people can be SO cruel. The only punishment befitting this idiot is to tie some explosives to HIS neck and do the same as he did to poor Cabela.

    • Avatar Of Juliann Valencia

      Juliann Valencia


      You will get yours in jail you nasty fucking punk.

    • Avatar Of Patti Hetzel

      Patti Hetzel


      AMEN to that statement….”an eye for eye” as the old saying goes!

    • i agree the same thing should happen to him after they tie him to atree and deball him and tar and feather him he is a sick fucker.

    • Avatar Of Brenda E Brenda E says:

      Personally, I’d like to stick explosives up his @$$ and blow him up. My God! What is wrong with this sick b@$t@ard!!!

      I hope to he() he has no family to come back to if they ever let him out of jail.

    • Avatar Of Cathy Carr

      cathy carr


      I can’t believe that charges are not being laid for the death of this dog. this appalls me totally discusts me. this man done this intentionally how can he get away with this. is this what this country has come to. If he blew up a human would he be charged. because the dog died instantly and didnt suffer hes free what about a human does it work that way in this country as long as no pain you get set free this is bullshit. I’m so pissed at the justice system in this country

      • Avatar Of Lee77



        Thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in the US every day. Why is everyone so upset over the death of a single dog that died instantaneously? Why aren’t they concerned about all those pigs, chickens, cows, etc. that are slaughtered, often inhumanely, in slaughterhouses every day? At least those animals serve a purpose and pigs are MUCH more intelligent than dogs! People today have seriously misplaced priorities!

    • Avatar Of Cathy Carr

      cathy carr


      you rotton fucking piece of garbage I hope your life on earth is worst than the hell youll be in when your gone. you need to burn for what you done you useless piece of gutter rot skin

    • Avatar Of Animal Lover ANIMAL LOVER says:

      should make him suffer a long and horrible death

    • Avatar Of Debbie



      Pam you took the words right out of my mouth. This wonderful Dog did not deserve such a fate. The people in Washington State should be outraged and make their law makers change the law to protect these animals. This man is the worst kind of being. He isn’t even human. He is a demon of satin himself

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