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Man Finds Missing Pet Husky Using A Drone, Finds It Hanging Out With A Family Of Bears

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A man captures a drone video of his missing Husky hanging out with a family of bears in the forest, and the video goes viral on social media.

According to reports, the owner and his family lives in Kamchatka, Russia and their Husky went missing after running away from home.

Desperate to find his pet dog, the owner used a drone to help locate his pooch. And to his surprise, he found his dog, hanging out with three bears.

The video has since gone viral on social media and has been reposted several times. On Instagram, it was uploaded by user sailorjerrithedogtrainer and has amassed almost 2 million likes and over 10,000 comments.

The video, with a text insert that says “Owners were using a drone to find their missing husky. He was chilling with wild bears”, shows the dog trailing behind the bears, playing with one of them, and running around the forest with them.

Users online found the whole ordeal hilarious. One user said, “The one bear shoved him like go the hell home dude.”

Another user found the encounter cute and interesting and said, “This is so cute, bears are solitary so this is 100% a mother with cubs and it’s adorable how she let the dog stay and play around without mauling it to death. Very interesting to say the least.”

While others were worried how the owner was able to rescue and get his dog back. “How do you even go about getting your dog back???” one user wrote. While another said, “I really need to know how they were able to get their dog back!”

While the encounter was interesting and cute to users, the outcome remains unknown. There have been no reports about the Husky’s current situation — if it was rescued and returned home or if he ventured off into the wilderness with his new bear family.

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