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Man Moves Into Shelter, Shares Kennel With Dog to Help Her Get Adopted

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A Kansas animal lover is so determined to help one very special dog get adopted that he decorated her kennel – and then moved into the shelter with her!

Scott Poore has dedicated his life to helping homeless animals. Between volunteering more than 50-hours each week at shelters and operating Mission Driven Goods, a clothing brand he founded to promote and raise funds for shelters and the animals they care for, his passion for matching homeless pets with their forever families is inspiring.

So, after meeting and falling in love with adoptable dog, Queen, a 3-year old terrier mix, Poore began networking, hoping to help her find a home. But, after 400 days in the Great Plains SPCA shelter, Queen was lonely and began showing signs of losing hope.

That’s when Scott decided to do something special.

As announced on his company’s Facebook page, Scott decorated Queen’s kennel to create a more homelike atmosphere. Cozy bedding, a potted plant and a sign that reads ‘Home Sweet Home’ were just the beginning.

Determined to turn Queen’s life around and help her finally find her home, Scott took it a step further. With a tiny desk, his laptop computer and a wall calendar, he made a commitment to move into Queen’s tiny kennel where he’ll live and work by her side until she finds her family.

“She is the most affectionate lovable dog I’ve probably ever worked with. She has tons of energy,” Poore told Fox4KC. “She’s gentle and loving. The past couple months she’s started losing hope, and that’s what motivated me to do this. I’m not going to let her lose hope.”

Scott is asking for donations while he’s calling the shelter home, and will match each dollar through the month of September.

You can learn more about Queen here.

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