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After 400 Days, Shelter Dog Finally Finds a Home Fit For a Queen

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A Kansas shelter dog made headlines after a man, determined to help her finally find a home, packed a bag and moved into her kennel at the shelter. Just a week later, the 3-year old terrier mix who’d spent over 400 days at the shelter finally found a home fit for a Queen.

Scott Poore has dedicated his life to helping homeless animals. Between volunteering more than 50-hours each week at shelters and operating Mission Driven Goods, a clothing brand he founded to promote and raise funds for shelters and the animals they care for, his passion for matching homeless pets with their forever families is inspiring.

So, after meeting and falling in love with adoptable dog, Queen, a 3-year old terrier mix, Poore began networking, hoping to help her find a home. But, after 400 days in the Great Plains SPCA shelter, Queen was lonely and began showing signs of losing hope.

That’s when Poore went above and beyond to help Queen find a home. He packed up the bare necessities and moved into her kennel – determined to live in the 10′ x 7′ space alongside Queen until she finally found a family of her own. Knowing his move would make headlines, Poore hoped the story would reach that one special person out there that could give Queen the perfect home.

After one week together, it finally happened — a perfect adopter came forward and offered a forever home fit for a Queen. Miraculously, Queen’s adopter was completely unaware of the

Adopter Tony Peluso said he loved Queen the moment he met her. And, miraculously, Tony was completely unaware of the headline-making campaign to get her a home.

“I honestly did not know if I was going to be there 24 hours or a month but I was prepared to do either,” Poore told Fox News. He did admit that he was grateful he only had to stay for a week, however.

“Seven nights in an animal shelter is quite a long time I have to admit,” Poore said.

Just as he’d posted videos and updates during their week together at the shelter, Poore posted one last video – Queen’s freedom walk:

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