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Maria Menounos Rescues Six Homeless Dogs!

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Attention all homeless dogs: If you’re looking for a quick way to be rescued, cross Maria Menounos’ path!

The Extra! host now provides a loving home to 9 rescued pups! Photo courtesy Maria Menounos.

The Extra! host already had 6 rescues of her own when she found 3 stray dogs wandering by the side of the road just before Thanksgiving. Without hesitation, Menounos and her assistant picked up the dogs and took them to a local animal shelter, hoping they’d be taken in and adopted out.

Mm Boomer
Maria’s rescue dog, Boomer, relaxing after a long day in the studio. Photo courtesy Maria Menounos.

Instead, the pair left the shelter with not only the 3 strays they brought in, but 3 homeless poodles, too! Tasked with finding loving homes for all 6 dogs, Menounos quickly fell in love, and decided to adopt 3 of them herself: 2 Lhasa Apso mixes named Frick and Frack, and a poodle that she named Whinnie. The former Dancing With the Stars alum found homes for the remaining 3 dogs.

With three new rescues added to the mix, Maria now provides a happy home to 9 rescue dogs!

Mm Whinnie
Maria Menounos cradling her latest rescue, Whinnie. Photo courtesy Maria Menounos.

This weekend, the tv host Tweeted a photo holding Whinnie in front of her Christmas tree, writing “My latest rescue Whinnie … she hugs me like a baby.”

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