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Massive Puppy Mill Raid Leaves 357 Dogs in Rescue

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Cherokee County marshals raided a Georgia puppy mill on Tuesday, rescuing up to 500 dogs that were stacked in cages, living in filth, many suffering from health and behavioral problems.

Investigations into the breeding operation, owned and operated by Joy Wise, began when a North Carolina woman adopted a Yorkie-Chihuahua puppy from Wise via the internet. Less than a week later, the puppy died so she contacted authorities.

Cherokee County Marshal’s Office officials, Cherokee County Animal Shelter staff, behaviorist and animal activist Victoria Stilwell and Marietta veterinarian Dr. Michael Good all assisted in the rescue efforts.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, the conditions these animals are living in,” Stilwell told CBS46 News. “They are suffering physically, but they’re also suffering emotionally.”

“I saw dogs sleeping in food bowls so they could get off the wire screen,” said Dr. Good, describing the wire-bottomed cages the dogs were living in. “Imagine living your whole life on something like that. It’s got to have an effect on your ligaments and your joints.”

The rescued dogs were taken to the Cherokee County Animal Shelter, where they will be cared for until the court case is settled. Public records show that Wise was cited for 264 counts of animal neglect and 264 counts of failure to comply with rabies inoculation this past May.

Wise’s husband told CBS46 that he and his wife have been raising and caring for dogs for over 40 years. They intend to fight to keep every dog that was removed from the property.

“These people, they’re not breeders,” said Stilwell. “They’re puppy millers that basically do factory farming for dogs. They don’t care about the dogs themselves. All they care about is the money. That’s it.”

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  1. Avatar Of Lde206



    And all the Georgia Dept of Agriculture can say is we found her in compliance. Well we know the low standards they have for inspections but to go from no citations to shut down for animal cruelty and dogs removed. What’s the purpose of inspections if they never find any issues among 350 dogs. Well maybe after 40 years of exploiting dogs to make their living they should consider a new occupation — problem is nothing gets the nice price a dog get. America created monsters like this because people are will pay whatever instead of adopting a dog that is in the shelter.

  2. Avatar Of Joshua Pierce

    Joshua Pierce


    I knew her she was a good women and she took care of her dog better then any other. Y’all are just looking through side the media played the emotional side of the stroy to grab peoples hearts and all it did was destroy a good women’s name and yall should be a shamed of your self for being so malice the media make Everything sound worse then it really is and I been to her places and it was as always clean a lot better than some humane societies pounds

  3. Avatar Of Shelley



    Until the punishment is severe enough to be a deterrent, people will not stop. Greedy ass low lifes.

    • Avatar Of Jane Britton Jane Britton says:

      This facility needs to be shut down!
      Never again should the owner have a license again.
      Its obvious they don’t care for the animals welfare.
      No telling how long this has been going on and thank God for people doing the right thing by reporting them. God Bless everyone for the Rescue!! No excuse at all for this treatment of innocent animals! Hope they never get a chance to abuse animals again!!

  4. Avatar Of Dan Dan says:

    Check out what these guys in Pittsburgh are doing to rescue dogs.


  5. Avatar Of Elaine Wilson

    Elaine Wilson


    As long as Mr Puppy Miller has admitted to doing this for 40 years he should be charged with 40 years worth of abuse. I hope he/she gets the full punishment of the law! Just think of all the money they made off of these animals suffering.
    Put them in the same cages he used and the same bowls too!! Disgusting human beings!!!!!!!!!!!!

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