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Finally! A Mattress Big Enough for You and All Your Dogs!

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Finally, someone invented a mattress that’s large enough to comfortably fit you and your entire fur family, too!


Do you share your bed with your dogs? According to various surveys, somewhere between 42 and 71% of pet owners sleep in bed alongside their furriest family members.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that sharing the bed with a dog can improve quality of sleep and emotional well-being, especially for chronic pain sufferers.

But, even if you’re spread out on a California King, sharing the bed with dogs isn’t always easy – especially if you’ve got large dogs and several of them. Many of us find ourselves teetering precariously on the edge of the bed while our dogs curl up comfortably by our sides, or pinned under a hot blanket, but unwilling to move for fear of disturbing our beloved babies snoozing softly nearby. Now that problem is solved!

The Ace Collection, a mattress company started by interior designer Ana Pekarovic after several clients requested custom-made, larger beds, but found them outrageously expensive or unattainable, finally makes the dream of a comfortable (and roomy) night’s sleep with pets a reality.

While a standard King size bed is 77″ across, the Ace Collection Family mattress comes in at a whopping 144″! That’s 12-feet across! (I think we’re gonna need a bigger bedroom…)

It remains to be seen if, even with the larger mattress, dogs will still find a way to push their human parents to a sliver on the edge.

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