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Justice Served! Mayble the Dog’s Abuser Ordered Jail Time, $20,000 Fines

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In a vast majority of animal cruelty cases we read, the abuser is sentenced to little more than a proverbial slap on the wrist for their crimes. This time, at least, justice may have finally been served for Mayble the Chihuahua.

A California man was sentenced to jail time, felony probation, and restitution totaling more than $20,000 for his part in abusing his roommate’s Chihuahua puppy.


Spencer Whitewood, 21, of Ventura County, California was convicted last March of felony animal cruelty after kicking and severely injuring his roommate’s 8-month old Chihuahua before dumping the animal alongside an Ojai roadway to die.

The dog’s owner had provided Whitewood with a place to live when he fell on hard times. After Mayble was found abandoned roadside, her owner contacted Ventura County Police to inform them of suspicions about Whitewood. She reported to police that Mayble had suffered unexplained injuries when left alone with Whitewood in the past.

Whitewood admitted to kicking Mayble in the face after, he said, she tried to bite him, then abandoning the dog in an attempt to coverup the abuse. He told Mayble’s owner that the dog had run away.

Mayble was treated for injuries that included brain trauma and permanent damage to her eye, ultimately resulting in it being removed.

Thursday, Whitewood was sentenced to 180 days in jail followed by 3 years of felony probation and restitution payments to the dog’s owner in the amount of $22,461. In addition, he is prohibited from ever owning an animal in the future.

Most cases of abuse result in little to no jail time and typically only include misdemeanor charges. Do you think the punishment fits the crime in this case? Weigh in with a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Of Laura M. Laura m. says:

    I hope he gets a piece of his own medicine where his going.

  2. Abuser should have more jail time with longer felony
    probation as the money will
    not cure brain damage and
    bring back the dog's eye.
    But ( at least ) the animal
    cruelty laws are getting tougher.

  3. Avatar Of Diana



    It's a start. Better then the normal slap on the rist that most get for animal abuse.

  4. Avatar Of Virginia



    About time now all towns, county's, states needs to do this

  5. Avatar Of Sue



    This is s start. We have to hold these thugs accountable.
    Hard time and a tattoo saying animal abuser. So we can kick there add too.

  6. Avatar Of Nancy Dostal

    Nancy Dostal


    Finally the ball is rolling …..this has to stop. Read in today's paper a guy was sentenced to 99 years for abusing a yard of collies with some dying. The judge finally had the right words and punished thus one. Ok law enforcement & courts fall in line and held with these villains or it could be your family and neighbors next. These creeps have nothing in their heart and nothing between their ears. LETS DO IT AND STOP THIS TERRIBLE ABUSE OF THESE INNOCENT THAT HAVE NO VOICES…..we are their voices……let's be heard!!!!

  7. Avatar Of Patricia Bennett

    Patricia Bennett


    He could have received a longer jail sentence but at least he got some time. As for the monetary fine he probably won't ever pay it. Hopefully they will find a way to follow any money he makes or receives and take it from him

  8. Avatar Of Donna Donna says:

    TO me,,, no. Justice hasnt been served. Oh he gets IN the in jail with good time he'll get out in three MO. Ooooo and probation???? That's really gonna do something and a fine that he"ll probably never work to pay . Yeah, that's really punishing him….. WTF NO….. HE NEEDS TO FEEL PAIN… HE NEEDS TO FEEL THE PAIN THAT LITTLE DOG FELT. THAYS THE ONLY WAY JUSTICE CAN BE SERVED IN MY EYES. PEOPLE ALWAYS GIVE THE EXAMPLE OF " NOBODY CAN EVER UNDERSTAND THE PAIN OF ANOTHER UNTILL, THEY WEAR THEIR SHOES" well , there it is there " an eye for an eye….

  9. Avatar Of Kal



    FINALLY! justice for one… but this needs to be enforced on EVERY animal abuser. EVERY single time no breaks or getting slaps on wrist JAIL AND $

    • Avatar Of Lynda



      Yes I agree stop cruelty to these poor incent animals he got what he deserve for once

    • Avatar Of Jill



      Euthanize these creeps. Save tax payer dollars!

    • Avatar Of Rickie L Rickie L says:

      I agree with KAL if prosecutors would do this for any animal that is abused it could quite possibly slow some of these sick bastards . But until it is put in the laws and ALL animals are protected and not just once in awhile by an Animal loving judge it will continue . Or you have a football players who starve or hang their dogs , Hell they put them in the hall of fame! The only thing that matters is that's way to many animals suffer at the hands of horrible creatures we call human! No human with hearts or feelings can do this to their beloved animals.

  10. Avatar Of Mary Kahn-Tuchmann

    Mary Kahn-Tuchmann


    It absolutely fits the crime. Too bad it wasn't longer.

  11. Avatar Of Jane Jane says:

    I think he should have more time in jail. I would hope he's never to own another dog for the rest of his life. The whole thing makes me sick poor Mayble good luck and I hope you heal in speedy time.

  12. Avatar Of Cathy



    He's not an idiot. He's a sociopath! A tough sentence, yes, but he needs treatment! He will go on to abuse other animals, and likely children and/or adults too. It shouldn't stop at the sentence for his crime!

  13. Avatar Of Angie Hamilton

    Angie Hamilton


    I feel this scumbag deserves quite a bit more jail time but I'm grateful the judge did hand down punishment. If more judges would follow suit maybe harsher laws can be enforced along with harsher sentences. The judge did right, thank you

  14. Avatar Of Brett



    It's heartbreaking and infuriating, but even logic points to the fact that people who abuse animals branch out, as it were, to higher levels of violence. Wish all animal abuse sentencing guidelines were much tougher just for harming innocent creatures. Thanks for having this forum.

  15. Avatar Of Anita Anita says:

    Yes it fits the crime more idiots need to be punished!!

  16. Avatar Of Shana Hendrickson

    Shana Hendrickson


    Too bad it wasn't longer, at least he won't be able to harm another dog without more serious repercussions

  17. Avatar Of Sarah Sarah says:

    It is about damn time

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