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Meaningful Activities to Improve Your Dog’s Life

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If you want to improve your dog’s behavior and overall quality of life, do something meaningful with them every day. They key is that this is a meaningful activity, not simply petting your dog on the couch or living in the same house together. You need to be active, get out, and live life together.

Try this for just a week. Spend 30 minutes per day (more or less depending on what you and your dog are physically capable of doing) going for a walk and/or playing together outside. That’s it. Simple and effective.

If you already do this, great! Then on top of the walk/play session you are already doing, take your dog in the car for a ride and/or work on obedience training for 30 minutes each day for the next week.

Most owners spend far too little quality time with their dog. Who dictates if it’s “quality time”? Not you, but your dog! You might think sitting on the couch with your dog on you lap while watching Jeopardy, as a nice evening. But if your dog has been cooped up in the house all day while you are at work, they would probably much rather go for a walk or play with you in the yard, than listening to Alex Trebek and Double Jeopardy.

So to recap, the only thing you need to do is spend active meaningful time with your dog for 30 minutes each day. Activities in this order: walk, play session, obedience training, car ride. Think of these activities as little “deposits” you are making into you and your dog’s relationship bank account. That way when real-life situations arise, you can make occasional “withdrawals” without depleting the bond with your dog.

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