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Michael Vick: Is the Former Dog Fighter Now a Dog Owner?

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Did Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback most notorious for his involvement in a massive Virginia dog-fighting ring, adopt a new dog or did he just develop a taste for Milk Bone dog biscuits?

Did Michael Vick get a dog? The opened box of Milk Bone dog biscuits in this photo the NFL star Tweeted last week sure give a good indication! Credits: Vick’s Twitter account/Crossing Broad via Mike Vick

Last week, the NFL star who admitted to killing dozens of dogs that didn’t “perform well” during dog fights at Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, Tweeted a photo of himself and his daughter at the dining table with the caption, “we workin.” But, what really caught our attention was an opened box of Milk Bone dog biscuits visible in the photo.

Vick was never convicted of animal cruelty, but did serve 16 months in jail for his involvement in bankrolling the dog fighting ring held at his Virginia home. After his jail term, the quarterback faced 3 years of probation, during which he was barred from owning a dog.

Vick made headlines – and outraged dog owners around the country – in July when his probation period ended and he announced that he’d like to get a dog for his kids. Vick was allegedly seen leaving a PetSmart store early last week, but has not admitted to owning a new dog.

Is Vick afraid of the backlash and public outrage that surely will come when he becomes a dog parent again? Maybe that’s why shortly after the photo was Tweeted, it was taken down and replaced with a similar photo, sans Milk Bones. Crossing Broad.com captured the original photo before Vick tweeted the substitute.

Do you think Michael Vick is capable of caring for a dog, of providing a loving home? Many Vick supporters believe the NFL star has paid his dues, but to others, allowing Michael Vick to adopt a dog is like allowing a pedophile to adopt a child.

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  1. Avatar Of Jr



    Why take the chance? If he doesn’t own one (like he did in the past-those poor things), he won’t have the chance to do it again. Think about it. How would you feel if you said yes, he can have a dog and 6 months or a year from now, you hear he abused, or worse, had it fighting? I honestly can say, I could not live with myself. To me, animals are the most innocent, loving creatures who roam the earth. Man can not compare to understand just how special they are. Why chance ruining an animal so he can have a pet? He had his chance. If he wants to teach his kids about animals, let them volunteer at a shelter or better yet, have them visit Best Friends and see what their father did to those dogs. There is nothing anyone on this earth can say to me that will ever, EVER, change my mind.

  2. Avatar Of Dianne Lourinia

    Dianne Lourinia


    Why would anyone in their right mind risk another innocent animal at the mercy (which he obviously doesn’t have) of this man’s ( I use the term “man” loosely, he’s nothing but a coward to treat animals the way he did), hands? True punishment for him would to have been treated the same way he treated those dogs. I hope he rots in hell.

  3. Avatar Of Donnah Monroe

    donnah monroe


    michael vick should never,ever,have another dog as long as the sorry s.o.b. lives!anyone that could ever love a pet could never have inflicted the pain and suffering that he did. the man is so full of crap!i thought he could never have another dog?is anyone in authority getting this?this makes me sick!

  4. That man should not have a dog how dare he?????????????

  5. Avatar Of Deb



    Vick has paid for his crimes. he should NEVER be allowed to own a dog, if his kids want a dog then when they are old enough and live on thier own they can have a dog.

  6. Avatar Of Sarah Gilmer Payne

    Sarah Gilmer Payne


    This creature should never be allowed within a thousand miles of a dog. Sadistic, brutal behavior of this sort does not magically disappear after a nominal punishment.

  7. Avatar Of Vivian



    He didn’t just sanction it – BUT IT IS THE WAY HE KILLED THOSE DOGS – electrocution with car battery cables, drowning or hanging! He is a sick f&@k – who shouldn’t EVER, NO NEVER, NOT IN THIS LIFETIME OR 20 others be allowed near a dog.

  8. Avatar Of Hermansmom



    NO NO NO NEVER. He may have “paid his dues” to society, but that is NO reason he should be allowed to have a dog. A drug dealer can serve time and “pay his dues” to society, but you don’t give him a job in a pharmacy. Criminals should not be given the opportunity to repeat their crimes, especially in cases of cruelty or abuse of any kind.

  9. Avatar Of Linnea Heaverlo

    Linnea Heaverlo


    I don’t think a person who commits the atrocities that MV did ever “pays his dues.” It’s not about paying the time for the crime in this instance. It’s about being innately cruel and no amount of time in jail changes a lack in your soul. There is no way in hell he will ever value the life of a dog. Just because his children may beg for a dog, I’m doubtful he could ever treat a dog humanely and with love and compassion. I can’t believe he’s allowed to EVER have a non-human living creature in his home. Sick, sorry world.

    • Avatar Of Robbie Gensel

      Robbie Gensel


      I could not agree more with every point you made so eloquently!

    • Avatar Of Sharman Woll

      Sharman Woll


      I agree with Linnea, he should NEVER be allowed to have a dog again, have people forgotten the HORRIBLE TORTURE this man inflicted on innocent animals????? I am sure the dogs never forgot,an no amount of time in jail, will ever make up for the things he did. Not Ever!!!! Linnea is right, nothing would be safe where this man is concerned, those people just don’t change, They Pretend they Do – but….. 🙁 I will pray for any animal that comes into contact with that man, he is just a SICKO…………period. He can NEVER be TRUSTED, with an innocent animal, I wouldn’t even trust him with a “house plant” let alone a dog or any other PET. Are you kiddin me!!!!!! Not in this lifetime, nor then next 50, should that man be allowed to have a dog or any other animal – he has NO BUSINESS with any animal what so ever, ever again. :/

  10. Avatar Of Vikki Williams

    Vikki Williams


    This man does not deserve to own a dog EVER!!!! For what he did to all them poor dogs. He should still be in jail!!!!

  11. Avatar Of Julie Valencia

    julie valencia


    Mike Vic you are one sick nigga and a disgrace to man and the NFL.

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