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Microchip Helps Dog Found 1,500 Miles Away From Home

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When a German Shepherd named Roxy went missing from her Pennsylvania home, her owner, Dan Loefflad of Allentown, never suspected she’d be found over 1,500 miles away in Houston, Texas!

Reported by FoxNews, an animal control officer found Roxy wandering on a southwest Houston street. Lucky for Loefflad and for Roxy, the German Shepherd was microchipped and registered, so she was able to be returned to her owner.

At any one time, there are thousands of missing pets around the country. When a dog goes missing, owners go to great lengths – printing and posting flyers, calling shelters and rescue groups in the area, and alerting friends and neighbors. But, a missing dog poster almost never gets posted over 1,500 miles away, in another state!

That’s why it’s so important to have your dog microchipped. But, there’s more to microchipping your dog than just having the vet insert the chip. No, a microchip is not a homing device. You can’t look online and see a moving blip of your dog on a map. The dog must be found and checked by a veterinarian or rescue group for the presence of the chip. The chip, if found, gives the veterinarian an ID number, which he/she then must find in a national registry. Many times, a microchip is found but is expired or not registered to the current owner. Some chips require a yearly registration fee, others are one-time for the life of the dog. Know what type of chip your dog has, make SURE you register that chip with your information, and if your microchip requires a yearly registration to keep it current – don’t forget to do it!

As for Roxy, the German Shepherd from Pennsylvania found wandering the streets of Houston, luckily her microchip was current and registered and she was flown home via United Airlines on Sunday to be reunited with her family.

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