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Minnesota Deputy Caught on Tape Brutally Beating His K-9 Partner

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A Minnesota sheriff’s deputy is facing criminal charges after surveillance video caught the man senselessly beating his K-9 partner, Boone.

Brett Arthur Berry, an 18-year veteran of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, was at the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota for a K-9 training and certification event with his four-legged partner.

At some point during the training event, Deputy Berry took Boone outside, picked the dog up by his neck, and slammed him into the ground, video (below) showed.

After being slammed into the ground, Boone scurried back toward the casino, but became caught between two sliding doors. That’s when Berry was videotaped smacking the defenseless animal multiple times.

Local police were called to the casino around 3am, where they viewed the disturbing video surveillance tape and reported their findings to Berry’s police department.

The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office removed Deputy Berry from the training event and placed him on administrative leave.

Boone was removed from Berry’s care and taken to a veterinarian. After examination, he was found to be suffering no injuries.

Now, Berry is facing two misdemeanor charges, one for animal cruelty and one for assaulting a public safety dog. If convicted, he faces 90 days in jail and $1,000 fine for each offense.

Warning! The surveillance video below may be disturbing to some viewers.

UPDATE! What happened to Deputy Berry? Where is Boone today? CLICK HERE.

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  1. Avatar Of Cat



    they should let a police dog go on his ass

  2. Avatar Of Andre Andre says:

    Just shoows how he also enfores the law.

  3. Avatar Of Margie



    Does anybody know the rest of the story? Why was he asked to leave in the first place? Though maybe not quite like this but in some research I have read that you need to be the alfa and if the dog is resisting you grab them at the neck and put them on the ground. And he was slapping the dog with an open hand not beating with his closed fist. I think there is more to this than we know yet.

    • Avatar Of Mike Jones

      Mike Jones


      You’re an idiot for making excuses for this shit bag.

    • Avatar Of Caroline



      please educate yourself on the newest studies (science based studies, not the faulty observational studies all this alpha nonsense is based on) that the idea of having to be alpha is outdated, false and detrimental to the training of dogs.

  4. Piece of dog shit ! Needs a bullet

  5. What a piece of dog shit ! Needs to be shot

  6. Avatar Of Rich



    Fire him, then prosecute him. How can this piece of shit beat him dog? The dog that’s loyal and will protect him no matter what. He’s a disgrace to the badge and should never be able to wear it again. Or own any kind of animal again.

  7. Avatar Of Nancy



    Is it just me, or did it look like this guy was stumbling in the video? Had he been drinking at the casino or something and went into an anger rage?
    Either way this guy should be in jail for what he did to that poor dog!!!

  8. Avatar Of Nancy



    Is it just me or did it look like this guy was stumbling in the video? Had he been drinking at the casino and went into an anger rage for some odd reason?
    Either way this guy should be out of a job and put in jail for what you did to that poor dog!!!!

  9. Avatar Of Kelsyes



    When your suppose to be a hero,
    But your a Flippin zero!

  10. Avatar Of Jane



    I wish the officer could be beaten in exactly the same way! He is a disgrace to not only the police force but the human race.

  11. Avatar Of Stacy



    I couldn’t watch. The video. Reading the article was enough. What was wrong with the asshole. Should not be a cop. After 18 years. I hear early retirement or resign. Should not be on the police force any longer.

  12. Avatar Of Jerry Bonino Jerry Bonino says:

    That coward of a person, who should be fired and sent to prison, for his actions. He should never be allowed to own a pet of any kind again. He is a disgrace to the badge and hus uniform. I don’t care how long he is on the job he should loose his pension, no officer should ever act like this. If I meet him I would beat him like he beat t hat k9 dog.

  13. Avatar Of Kc



    Too bad BOONE was trained to protect him, BOONE should of kicked his ass! He deserves to be fired!

  14. Avatar Of Sandra



    Mr dick needs his dick stomped in the ground. He doesn’t deserve to be a cop. What a waste of taxpayer money.

  15. Avatar Of Pat



    And this individual wants to protect and serve. I couldn’t watch the vedio but just reading the article was enough. Please tell me he was finally fired. These are the type of individuals giving decent police officers a bad reputatuon. I hope he doesn’t have children or a wife.

  16. Avatar Of Joan Rennie

    joan rennie


    this should be punishes severly its disgusting

  17. Avatar Of Teddi Gie Teddi Gie says:

    I AGREE COMPLETELY. Rmhenry said it perfectly; He deserves to be charged with assault of police officer. If anyone else did this to his dog you can bet your sweet patootie we’d be charged with that crime. He should be charged, fired and banned from owning ANY animals for the rest of his sorry life. You, you P. O. S deserve imprisonment. Not a federal prison but a regular prison so that the prisoners can give you the very same treatment that you gave your partner. I spit on you! —— (me, now) That “so not a police officer” person, deserves to have the legal book thrown at him — and get hit with every offense and legal page of it that is possible. period.

  18. Avatar Of Hgk



    Notice how they framed the situation if it were ‘K-9 Abuse?’ with a question mark. This type of public and institutional forgiveness is disgusting. Media needs to stop holding back and making the cop look innocent.

  19. Avatar Of Fran Lalor

    Fran lalor


    I hope he gets fired a d suffer a worse fate in prison when they find out he’s a cop and an animal abuser.

  20. Avatar Of Lori Robin

    Lori robin


    Fire him for assaulting an officer. Price of trash. He deserves to loose his job. It makes me sick. I would love 15 min alone with him along with a lead pipe.

  21. Avatar Of Rmhenry



    He deserves to be charged with assault of police officer. If anyone else did this to his dog you can bet your sweet patootie we’d be charged with that crime. He should be charged, fired and banned from owning ANY animals for the rest of his sorry life. You, you P. O. S deserve imprisonment. Not a federal prison but a regular prison so that the prisoners can give you the very same treatment that you gave your partner. I spit on you!

  22. Avatar Of E.g.



    It’s a felony. Take the appropriate action for this piece of **** as you would for any other. Then fine him above and beyond for doing this to a fellow officer.

  23. Avatar Of Jennifer Peck

    Jennifer Peck


    Plain bullshit! I agree with everyone! He needs to be punished for animal cruelty and more. He should not be allowed to serve the public, own any animal or children. It is hard to try and teach my grandchildren that Police are good and serve to protect. what a joke! I know not all police officers are the same, but there needs to be more evaluations on people.

  24. Avatar Of Diane



    This is so cruel he is not a human who can have any animal and needs to be punished for this abuse the poor dog did not deserve this and this so called person needs to pay for this

  25. Avatar Of Jennifer Peck

    Jennifer Peck


    I’m sorry but this is plain bullshit. He deserves more than a slap on the wrist. It is like attempted murder and cruelty on your own partner. He doesn’t deserve to be on any police force, owning or handling any animals or children. He deserves the same punishment as anyone else that harms a poor animal. This is not what I want to show my grandchildren as a representative of police to protect and serve. When is this crap going to stop!

  26. Avatar Of Jennifer Peck

    Jennifer Peck


    I’m sorry but this is plain bullshit, he deserves to be punished like anyone else for animal cruelty, attempted murder and much more. He does not deserve to be on any police force, have any animals or children. This was a police k-9. It is like attacking your partner. He doesn’t deserve a slap on the wrist. I am sick of this crap. When is this crap going to stop!

  27. Asshole has an anger problem!! He should NEVER take care of another dog! Give him jail time!

  28. Avatar Of Cheryl Williams

    Cheryl Williams


    The sentence is a joke and a slap in the face to K-9 officers!! Pathetic MN!!

  29. Avatar Of Sol De Oliveira

    Sol de Oliveira



  30. Avatar Of Alisa Moore




  31. Avatar Of Sheila Sheila says:

    It’s funny how he only gets two misdemeanor charges. If that had been anyone else other than a police officer. They would be facing attempted murder charges on police officer and have the book thrown at them. It basically gets off scot free. To bad the dog didn’t bite the shit out of him. He well deserved that and much more.

  32. Avatar Of Penny



    this is so sick how evil DO not ever let him have that dog again EVER!!!

  33. Awful, he should be fired. No pension, no benifits of any kind,
    Never allowed to own another animal of any kind.
    And if he has children that should be looked into also for possible abuse.

  34. Avatar Of Claire Vinet

    Claire Vinet


    Administrative leave = paid vacation. This miscreant deserves to be kicked off the force and serve a far longer jail sentence. At the very least, he shouldn’t be allowed to work with a K-9 partner or harbor animals in his home again.

  35. Avatar Of Talia Miller

    Talia Miller


    My husband is an LEO and it’s guys like you that are giving the good police, which are the majority of police, a bad name. I’m sure you’ve done a lot of good throughout your work but what you did to not just a dog but a fellow officer with four legs disgusts me and pretty much throws any good you’ve done out the window. You need yourself some severe counseling and a new career. You don’t deserve to wear a badge.

    • Avatar Of Diane



      i totally agree!!! should be removed and not allowed to be on force anywhere! omg what is wrong with this world ? he needs a mental test to see how he’s clicking ? something not right for sure poor dog wonder how often that happened? and hopfully he has none at home or kids

  36. Avatar Of Nb



    The Male ( I can’t call him a man) should be beat and fired, plus serve time……..

  37. Avatar Of Nar nar says:

    this should now be a class A felony. get the CIA and FBI now tha the correct laws are in place.

  38. Avatar Of Brigitte St Jean

    brigitte st jean


    I hope he gets what he deserves. Karma will get you. He should loss his jobs this is not an officer this is fucking bastard with no brains. I am glad the dog is OK.

  39. Avatar Of Martin Toper

    Martin Toper


    He should be fired and curved with assault, and never allowed in the K9 program again.

  40. Avatar Of Fran Leard

    Fran Leard


    I can barely look at this horrible video but hope this low life coward get’s fired and jailed for this disgusting crime against this innocent animal. When will this madness end?

  41. Avatar Of Cat



    Piece of garbage! Administrative leave? Fired! Banned from ever working in any police dept anyplace, and place similar, banned from ever working with dogs or animals or owning animals! He should be branded with a hot iron across his disgusting face ANIMAL ABUSER! How many times has he beaten this dog and NOT gotten caught! He should be charged with felony counts, assult and battery, attempted murder of a fellow police officer !!!!! Bastard!

  42. Avatar Of Dee



    He should not only be fired but be charged with assault to an officer. Never to be allowed to own another animal. Hope they took the baby away from him. Let the inmates have this poor excuse for a human

  43. Avatar Of Kare51



    If a person is injuring animals then who else is he injurying? Animal abuse is the first sign of a violent abuser. This man is dangerous to the public because he thinks an animal trained to protect and serve him is okay to injure then a lowly suspecting criminal is lower. What is he doing to them. One cop is not ALL cops. Look at his history

  44. Avatar Of Luvbug



    He should be FIRED, then arrested for assaulting a police officer… YOU SR ARE A HUGE POS

  45. Avatar Of Christy Butler

    Christy Butler


    This is beyond awful! It’s inhumane, it’s barbaric, it’s sadistic and he should be charged for striking an officer of the law! He is there to protect his partner.

    “These crimes are further troubling as studies have shown that in a large number of animal cruelty cases, the violence displayed is an indicator of other family violence issues such as domestic violence, child abuse or elder abuse.” Ill-treating a pet in a way that one knows would cause him/her to suffer needlessly should receive the same punishment as if they were harming a human child.

    Do we really need humans like this living among us? Any human that is capable of such heinous acts should not be allowed to live. They are not a positive, productive member of society and there is no rehabilitating a person of this nature. They are useless to the human race.

    Please help us in getting the laws changed, our pets are family members and should be protected under child laws. Support, like, share. We must be their voice. facebook.com/RuxtinsLaw

    I have been saving all of these petitions for the past several months. Since we started doing research for Ruxtin’s Law. We will be following up on them in the coming year. We don’t care how long it takes, we will find these p.o.s. humans and we will do everything in our power to make sure that they and everyone else does not forget about what they’ve done.

    We are so sick of seeing animal abuse and neglect throughout the world. NO excuse is good enough any longer. We no longer live in a world where we have to eat, torture, abuse and neglect animals.

    • Avatar Of Fran Leard Fran Leard says:

      This is outrageous and I hope this low life sick coward is fired and get’s jail time for this horrific inhumane treatment of this innocent animal. When will these sick people stop this madness?

  46. Avatar Of Anne Anasasio

    Anne Anasasio


    Horrendous behavior by a cop who beat his K-9. Why did he do such a terrible thing. He does not deserve to be in law enforcement and I hope they throw the book at him. I hope when he goes to jail all the animals lovers beat the hell out of him.

    Hope pup is okay.

  47. Avatar Of Melissa Wilson

    Melissa Wilson


    Is he going to be added to FBI’s animal abuser list?

  48. Avatar Of Lorraine Fouquereaux

    Lorraine Fouquereaux


    He should be fired and never allowed to keep an animal -ever.

  49. Avatar Of Pat Blach Pat Blach says:

    He’s an abuser and should be fired what a POS!!!!! What a joke he should have to pay a lot more than that and serve a year at the least

  50. Avatar Of Deva Nargis

    deva nargis


    rot in hell bastard.

  51. Avatar Of Brenda Soldan

    Brenda Soldan


    Jail time please for this disgusting human being!

  52. Avatar Of Debbie



    Not enough time or big enough fine!!!!!!!!!!! He should never be allowed to have a K-9 again!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also loose his job!

  53. Avatar Of Mary Anne

    Mary Anne


    He should be charged with FELONY dog abuse and assualt on a police officer!

  54. Avatar Of Wendy



    Wow may offend some viewers should apply to all viewers. Not watching a person beat a dog. And it should be an offense everywhere not just to service dogs but for all dogs. One day the laws will be fair for our furry friends. I just hope t is soon. 90 days or $1000 is not enough. If they did a PET scan they would pick up on all the real injuries. One cannot see bruising on an x-ray.

    • Avatar Of Saskia Riggs

      Saskia Riggs


      You got that right, didn’t even care to play the video. Can’t bear to watch someone abusing an animal. Hope he gets punished and banned from coming close to another animal.

  55. Avatar Of Sandra Barrett

    Sandra Barrett


    That is pathedic, that a k9 officer, handles his k9 that way. I hope he is thoroughly punished. That dog is also an officer of the law. This “low life” does not deserve to be in charge of any animal. He should not even be allowed to own an animal. I am so disturbed. Makes me even more angry when they try and justify it, and say the dog was in training, and say the dog wasn’t hurt. Admit it……..this is wrong on so many levels! Punishment needs to be given out, he is suppose to know better.

  56. Avatar Of Debbie



    This makes me sick! Not only what the monster did to a beautiful dog trained to defend him and submit to him… But the pitiful excuse for punishment he will get “if” convicted! The laws here obviously protect the abuser…not the innocent! Now I can only hope the pos suffers excruciating pain for the rest of his life!!

  57. Avatar Of Donna Protil Donna Protil says:

    This “man” and I used the term loosely because a real man would not do that! But he should be charged with assault on a police officer because that’s what a K9 dog is, should lose his job and face MORE than 90 days and a fine. That dog would have most likely risk his own life for that monster and his treatment of him was just horrible and cruel. How could that creep’s word be trusted concerning ANYTHING, if he had to testify in a court case as most officers must do at some point, I wouldn’t believe anything he said. Would like to see him backed into a corner while someone beat the crap out of him! What a embarrassment and disgrace he is, as a police officer and a human being! Wonder what lie he would have spun if that dog had defended himself and bite him, cause he darn sure deserved it!!! No sense in anyone doing that to any animal! This story just hurts the heart and makes you ill and I pray he is punished and glad he was caught. Who knows how much abuse that poor dog has endured with that creep! Am praying he is punished 10 times over!

  58. Avatar Of Anette Anette says:

    don’t be surprised when this officer gets away with this. I live in Casper,WY and one of our out lying towns Mills,WY had an officer leave his K9 partner in a hot car and that dog died and he didn’t loose his job and the District attorney would not charge him for this incident the police department wasn’t even going to admit to what the officer did very sad

  59. Avatar Of Katie Rohrbacher

    Katie Rohrbacher


    This is very simple, it is an assault on a police officer & should be charged as such!!!!

  60. Avatar Of Kathy Parker

    Kathy Parker


    90 days or a 1000 dollar fine is not enough fire him and don’t let him back in to the police line of work if he would do that to a poor denfensely dog can u image what he would do to a human don’t want him to get nothing no money r anything thur him in prison

  61. Avatar Of Jane Hurl Jane Hurl says:

    Wait! You Americans got it right when you made it a felony to attack a service dog. (We Canadians haven’t done that … yet. I still hold hope for us.) Why is this not being applied here?

  62. Avatar Of Sandy Hull Sandy Hull says:

    He should be fired. That man is an abuser. He is incapable of abiding the law let alone enforcing it without force.

  63. Avatar Of Nic Ed

    Nic Ed


    good point raised by others, if a civilian hurt or beat a K-9 then they would be charged as if
    they had assaulted a human Police officer.

  64. Avatar Of Deb J

    Deb J


    What 90 days, Animal cruelty is a class 4 felony and can get several years in jail. Very least he should not be out on the street. If he does this to his partner how safe is the public. He should only be allowed on a desk for the remainder of his career and only after his jail time is served. Shameful behavior from an office.

    • Avatar Of Love My Pup love my pup says:

      He should be relieved of his position as officer, no pension, with a 10,000 fine AND jail time. A desk job? Really Deb j do you want a convicted felon working in a police department?

    • Avatar Of Suki



      a desk job??? Are you serious? He doesn’t deserve a job on the force!

  65. Avatar Of Irene Stone

    Irene Stone


    This man needs anger management evaluation and treatment big time – does he have a history of beating his wife or kids? What could this dog possibly have done to enrage him so badly? If he was on his best behavior because he was at a training seminar, imagine what that dog endured before this came to light. How long did this maniac have this dog in his “care”??? Why was he asked to leave just before this incident? I can’t believe his own police department wasn’t aware of his short-fuse and abusive tendencies. Why in the world would they place a dog in his care – he can’t control himself, much less a defenseless animal.

  66. What a total wanker. I wish the dog had let him down when they were on patrol and he got the shit kicked out of him by some criminals – see how he felt. What he did is truly disgusting – this is an animal who looks up to him for guidance and protection. I wish i could slam him onto the floor.

  67. Avatar Of Connie Connie says:

    This psychopath needs to be fired and be put in jail for a very long time! This poor innocent animal needs a loving, safe home. This piece of garbage is a danger to any animal and the public. The last thing he should be wearing is a police uniform. Do your job Sheriff, and FIRE this cowardly scumbag!

  68. Avatar Of Connie Connie says:

    This total piece of filth needs to be FIRED immediately. The police cannot have double standards. Since they say that a k-9 is a police officer, then this cowardly slime attacked a police officer, harmed a police officer, and should be charged as such. He needs State charges filed against him. If his department let’s him get away with this, they are just as guilty. This beautiful innocent dog needs to be in a safe, loving home with a handler that is not a psychopath. This scum is dangerous and absolutely should not have any authority over the public or animals. He is a DANGER to society and those around him.

  69. Avatar Of Dawn



    The only to ensure that he receives more for abusing the K-9 Officer to is to contact the Sheriff’s Office and voice your concern:
    K-9 Unit
    Sheriff’s Patrol Station
    1411 Paul Kirkwold Drive, Arden Hills MN 55112

  70. Avatar Of Anon



    Why is hasn’t he been terminated and charged with assault of an officer? Notice that not once did the dog try to defend himself? This cop had no reason to lay his hands on this dog – why can’t we introduce a new law for animal cruelty; you get done to you what you did to them?

  71. Avatar Of Lydia



    No injuries to the dog?! I don’t believe that for a second. The thing about animals is that seek love and friendship from their owners. That dog could have bit his head off, but won’t. Instead, you see him in the video running back to the man. That’s what dogs are – unconditional love. Humans like that scumbag officer abuse that love. I bet he beats more than that dog.

  72. Avatar Of Mira



    He MUST get JAIL time…and never be hired in any kind of law enforcement agency and BANNED for life from even getting close to an animal…

  73. Avatar Of Bob P

    Bob p


    Agree with others that piece of shit assaulted an officer and should be in jail for a year .. What a puss??? To hit ghat defenseless cop…

  74. Avatar Of Scooby scooby says:

    Although Berrys K-9 may have helped you guys working warrants, I hope your department has the stamina to do more than make him sit home with pay. If a turd hurts a K9, they can sometimes be charged with assaulting an officer and more. When an officer brutalizes a commissioned K-9, with video documentation to boot, I would expect that officer to be charged for the crime. That video made me cringe. Those dogs are loyal till the end as our dogs in Afghanistan were. I have never ever heard of or witnessed a soldier/ handler doing what your officer did to that K9, and Those K9’s fought IED’s and AK 47’s all day and all night. I’m sorry Brett Berry has disgraced your agency,I hope your sheriff and DA have the balls to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.If that doesnt happen I hope a concerned voter/ citizen will get their own grand jury indictment on their own. Totally uncalled for.. be safe, and IM sorry you have to work along side of a true K9 abuser disgrace of a human in general.

  75. Avatar Of Fabiana



    This is so cruel that doesn’t have enough words to express, what he did is a assault in a police officer and not only that animal cruelty and betrayed, the law was changed recently to a felony. I hope MNPD does something about it, this is insulting to watch, and thinking we relayed in someone like this man to protected and serve? Really?

  76. LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Avatar Of Kathleen



    Why is this man not being charged with both assaulting a police officer and animal cruelty? This man should not be allowed to be a k-9 and should be kicked off the force and sent to abuse and battery counseling. Is the dog ok and is this dedicated k-9 going to live? I am praying this man gets the wrath of god on him .

  78. Avatar Of Karen



    “Boone was removed from Berry’s care and taken to a veterinarian. After examination, he was found to be suffering no injuries.”….THIS IS BULLSHIT….If you were struck like this multiple times, you WOULD be injured. Aside the physical aspect of this…what about the mental aspect of this poor animal…no wonder Boone ran from him. This was OBVIOUSLY not the first time he was beaten by this piece of shit. This is someone who was charged with Boone’s care, safety, and well-being. Get this POS off the force and throw him in jail for assaulting a police officer…let’s see how he fares in prison!

  79. Avatar Of Troy



    If a member of the public were to attack a police K9 like this they would be charged with assaulting an officer (a felony in the US?) and probably face a much heavier sentence. That is, if they weren’t shot by another officer first. This piece of shit cop should be terminated immediately, all other pets removed from his home, and children removed and placed with children’s aid. He probably beats his wife too.

  80. Avatar Of Rhonda Rhonda says:

    90 days and $1000 fine is nothing. This creature is supposed to take care of that highly trained K-9 officer. Lock the bastard up for 5 years, and that is being kind.

  81. Avatar Of Carolyn



    he needs to be fired, pension taken away and prosecuted for assaulting a police officer, fined and thrown in jail. If he does this to a police canine officer, he will do it to a person without thinking twice!

  82. Avatar Of Jacob



    Citizens are charged when caught harming a k9 from law enforcement. Charged just like the dogs a real law enforcement person. This asshole better receive the same punishment. Having a badge doesnt change anything.

  83. Avatar Of Deidre



    Why is he not being charged with assaulting a police officer? Grow some balls MN. if he beats a defenseless dog he’ll beat anyone.

  84. Avatar Of Deidre



    Why is he not being charged with assault on a police officer? Grow bigger balls MN. If he beats a defenseless dog he’ll beat anyone.

  85. Avatar Of Bob



    What a piece of shit

  86. Avatar Of Amy Bratton

    Amy bratton


    That man should never be allowed to own a pet again. He is a disgrace to humanity.

  87. Avatar Of Kenneth Dotsey

    kenneth dotsey


    big deal a slap on the wrist 1,000 dollars a real joke that is I paid 3,000 for a lousy D U I and I didn’t hurt anyone or anything I lost my life for some little breathylizer bull shit test this bastard gets to mutilate a dog and goes off easy like this WOW go screw yourselves

  88. Avatar Of Jan Koza

    Jan Koza


    Bastard needs to be fired. Dog probably has trust issues. This whole thing will go south if officer jerk plea bargains out.

  89. the man is obviously troubled and needs help. Not to excuse what he did, but the abused will abuse. I’m glad the pup is ok and hopefully is out of the line of ‘duty’

  90. Avatar Of Glenda Mock

    Glenda Mock


    At the very least this deputy should be fired. This dog would lay down his life for him even after the beating. This man should never be allowed to work with or own a dog. shameful, heart break in to watch.

  91. Avatar Of _Deb Derrick

    _Deb Derrick


    Fire the SOB that abused his K9 partner ASAP.

  92. Avatar Of Deborah



    This officer was beating this dog while enjoying the privilege of a conference to further his training. He not only slammed the dog but continued to pursue the dog with full determination. The poor dog NEVER attacked back but humbled its defenseless self. The officer should lose his job, pay full penalty under the law, and be responsible to reimburse his government for wasted money for training. A disgrace to his badge.

  93. Avatar Of Tammy



    Animal abuse is a FELONY now. Man needs to be prosecuted just like everyone else who does this type of thing.

  94. Avatar Of Dee Ahlquist

    dee ahlquist


    This guy needs to be punished! And not a paid leave (vacation) !

  95. Avatar Of Mona



    Wow. The pain and abuse you inflected upon that living being who trusted you, was trained by you, and loved you…………you broke that poor animal’s heart, you POS. That life trusted you to take care of it and love it and care for it. If you didn’t want to do that, you didn’t have to. YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO! I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL. There’s no excuse or justification. That was just horrible. You have a black heart, no soul, and deserve to rot in hell. Which, if there’s any justice………..you will.

  96. Avatar Of Jean Burrell Jean Burrell says:

    THAT’S ALL? That’s all he gets! He asulted an Officer! If a civillian did that you would have put him away for years and years! What kind of ass backwards state are you running? That dog should be dissmissed from service and given to a family that will love him and hopefully after years and years of love be able to undo what this criminal has done. He has no business being a police officer! Disgusting!

  97. Avatar Of Mary



    I agree with Kim. He may not have physical injuries, but he might not be fit to be a police dog again. He could have fear issues of people in uniform or of people in general. Someone needs to be testing these cops for anger management issues.

  98. Avatar Of Kim Kim says:

    The dog has no physical injuries but mentally he will have Fire this cop and make sure he never is allowed to own an animal again Absolute disgrace. I bet it isn’t the first time like all abusers .

  99. Charge the “cop” – and I use that term loosely, with assault & battery on a police officer.

    And then fire his butt. He is not worthy to be an officer of the law

  100. Avatar Of Lucy Hughes

    Lucy hughes


    You are lucky. I lost my Westie a couple of months ago. I now have part Boston Tertier and a Chiwawa. She is a sweet animal but I miss my Westie terribly.
    I like my new dog but it is just not the same and it never will be.
    I guess I got this little dog too early. I won’t give her up though. She is mine. She makes me smile. It would help if her hair did malt make me itch so bad. Being allergic to her hair does not help. The doctor says to get rid of her. She is my baby. I take an allergy pill every day. It doesn’t work. But that is life. Lol I hope it does soon.

  101. Avatar Of Sue Sue says:

    I would love to be in a room with this spineless, piece of trash scumbag who beats on defenseless animals! Please, just 15 minutes?

  102. Avatar Of Rae



    I believe this is his boss’s email address, feel free to let him know how you feel about his disgusting “deputy”
    [email protected]

  103. This officer should not have a job much less a K-9 partner.

  104. Avatar Of Lisa Lisa says:

    He needs to be fired. Anyone with such anger can’t serve the public. Get mental help and take notes.

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